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What are the good Indian movies? Top ten highest box office Indian films list Amir Khan's many films

In recent years, Indian films are very popular in China. The themes of many Indian films well reflect the problems existing in Indian society, attract people's attention and Reflection on these problems, and have very good guiding and educational significance. In recent years, many Indian films released in China have been highly praised by the audience, and have achieved very good results at the box office and scoring. Among them, wrestling dad is the hottest and best film at the box office in recent years. So what other good Indian films are there? This article brings you a list of the top ten Indian films with the highest box office. Many films starring Amir Khan are on the list. Let's have a look.

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; 1、 Wrestling, Dad

"Wrestling! Dad" has made many audiences full of harvest in the Indian film with the highest box office. It mainly takes wrestling as the plot line of the film. There is no lack of warm plot. With the super simple music, it can be said that it has a strong sense of resonance.

Box office: $330 million

The film is 161 minutes long

Genre plot, comedy, biography, sports

Starring Amir & middot; Khan, Saka Poem & middot; Teva, Sanya & middot; Mahota, Fatima & middot; Sana'a & middot; twill

2、 King pahobali (Part 2)

King pahobali (2), a film modified from the legend of Indian mythology, controls the whole plot and rhythm very well, especially the presentation of visual effects. Compared with the previous one, it is more elaborate and interesting.

Box office: $270 million

The film is 141 minutes long

Type plot / action / Fantasy / Adventure

Starring palapaz, Ramya & middot; Krishnan, Rana & middot; Dagbati, anushuka & middot; Shetty, Shaya Raj

3、 Mysterious superstar

This mysterious superstar well depicts the appeal for women's equal rights. In addition to this main line, the whole film also well depicts the feelings of men and women in their youth. Each place is vivid, warm and touching. It is very well handled, so it gives the audience a more real sense of resonance.

Box office: $150 million

The film is 150 minutes long

Type inspirational, comedy, plot

Starring Amir & middot; Khan, seila & middot; Worthy, may & middot; Vija, Raj & middot; A Jing

4、 My God

My God, the biggest reason why the film can have a high box office is that it not only has comic elements, but also carries a very valuable criticism. The first half of the film may still be a little strange, but the later plot is a tearful 'smoke bomb', which is thought-provoking.

Box office: $140 million

The film is 153 minutes long

Types: comedy, love, fantasy, religion

Starring Amir & middot; Khan, anushuka & middot; Sama, Sanjay & middot; Dart, Bowman & middot; Ilani, saruba & middot; Shukra, susant & middot; Singh & middot; Rajput

5、 King pahobali (I)

King pahobali (Part I) is closely linked in every plot, and the control of all details is very in place. The quite realistic picture is very attractive. All kinds of solemn styles and forms of expression are also very lively, which well shows the unique charm of Indian films.

Box office: $100 million

The film is 159 minutes long

Type action, adventure, history, war

Starring palapaz, temana & middot; Batia, anushuka & middot; Shetty, Nasser

6、 Phantom chariot 3

Phantom chariot 3 is a very interesting Indian film with the highest box office. All the plot details in the film are handled in place. The main line is to observe the world from the perspective of children. The uncomplicated plot is full of sci-fi elements.

Box office: $100 million

The film is 172 minutes long

Type action, crime, thriller

Starring Amir & middot; Khan, Katrina & middot; Kafu, absek & middot; Ba Qiang, Jackie & middot; Shroff

7、 Little Lori's uncle monkey

The film "little Lori's monkey god uncle" has a very high reputation in the film review. It mainly tells the story of a man reuniting with the mute girl in Pakistan and her parents. In the film, she handles sensitive politics and religion with ease, and has the light of good humanity.

Box office: $98 million

The film is 163 minutes long

Genre, plot, musical

Starring Salman & middot; Khan, Karina & middot; Karp, Hal, Sally & middot; Malhotra

8、 Sudan

Sudan is a very interesting commercial film. The whole film adopts a modest attitude and shows an indomitable spirit of struggle. The main line is also about wrestling. The compact plot and the actors' acting skills make the work highly praised.

Box office: $92 million

The film is 139 minutes long

Type, plot and action

Starring Salman & middot; Khan, anushuka & middot; Sama, Amit & middot; Sartre, Mark & middot; Zaro

9、 Queen padmawati

The film "Queen padmawati" tells a series of stories about the protagonist's self Immolation for the sake of the nation and protecting his reputation. The in place detail processing really gives the whole film a strong sense of substitution.

Box office: $88 million

The film is 164 minutes long

Type plot, love, history

Starring dipeka & middot; Padukuni, anupriya & middot; Gonka

10、 Tiger is alive

Tiger is alive is still very popular in the highest box office Indian film, because it has to be said that this film well expresses the strong national pride of Indians, and many plots are very real and reasonable.

Box office: $87 million

The film is 2 hours and 25 minutes long

Type action, adventure, thriller

Starring Salman & middot; Khan, Katrina & middot; Kaff