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How is it that the heating of the air conditioner doesn't work? How?

Now the utilization rate of air conditioning is relatively high. Basically, every household uses air conditioning. Whether in hot summer or cold winter, air conditioning can be used as a tool for people to feel comfortable. Due to the frequent use of air conditioners, many problems will always be encountered in the process of use. For example, how is it that the air conditioner does not air out in the heating mode?

How is it that the air conditioner doesn't heat out

1. When the air conditioner is heated in winter, because there will be a preheating stage after startup, the external unit will work first after startup. When the pipe temperature of the internal unit begins to rise, the internal unit of the air conditioner will start to supply air, because the air conditioner has the function of preventing cold air.

2. It is also possible that the external unit of the air conditioner has frosted for a period of time after startup, and it needs to be defrosted in time. At this stage, the internal unit will not work. Defrosting is generally about 10 minutes, and hot air will continue to blow out after defrosting.

3. If it is an air conditioning problem, it is that the heating related components of the air conditioner can not work normally, and there are problems of damage and failure.

Solution of no air outlet in air conditioning heating

1. If there is no hot air within 10 minutes after the air conditioner is just turned on, wait for a while to see if there is any air.

2. Check whether the wind wheel is stuck. If the wind wheel rotates automatically, check the indoor temperature probe and pipe temperature probe. Because air conditioning heating has a process of releasing cold air.

3. If there is a problem with the heating parts of the air conditioner, non professionals can't solve it, so they can only ask the air conditioner maintenance personnel to repair it. During the warranty period, the air conditioner maintenance is free. If it exceeds the warranty period, they can only pay for it themselves.

Why does the air conditioner blow out cold air

1. If there is cold air in the preheating period at the beginning, this is a normal phenomenon, and this stage is a normal phenomenon of air conditioning.

2. If there is cold air after running for a period of time, it may be that the air conditioner is defrosting the external machine, and there are generally prompts on the air conditioner.

3. The temperature setting is unreasonable. The set temperature is too low, resulting in cold wind. The room should be kept closed and properly opened for ventilation.

2. There may be dirt on the filter screen of the internal unit and the condenser of the external unit of the air conditioner, which will affect the heating effect and need to be cleaned.

3. If the air temperature is still very low after running for a period of time, it is recommended to find maintenance personnel. It may be that the refrigerant is not enough. It is recommended to add fluorine appropriately, or there may be a problem with the machine.

4. The air conditioner is difficult to work in a very low temperature environment. The heating efficiency will be greatly reduced below 0 degrees, and there is basically no heating effect at minus 5 degrees.