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How to clean mildew spots on clothes

How to clean mildew spots on clothes it's humid in spring in southern China. There are often plum rains. Recently, many friends found that there are mildew spots on their clothes. How to clean the mildew spots on their clothes? Let's look at the methods to clean the mildew spots on their clothes.

How to clean mildew spots on clothes

Silk clothes: alcohol

Alcohol can destroy the mold in the mildew spots, and will not damage the silk clothes. Dilute the alcohol to 50%, not too high. If there is no alcohol disinfectant in the house, Baijiu can also be used instead. Sprinkle alcohol on the mildew spots of clothes, let it stand for a while, scrub it again, and finally wash it with clean water.

Chemical fiber clothes: white vinegar + soap

For mildew spots on chemical fiber clothes, we need to use white vinegar and soap to deal with them. Pour the white vinegar into the basin and soak the clothes with mildew for 5 minutes, so that the vinegar can fully destroy the mold. After 5 minutes, pour some warm water into the basin, apply soap, brush back and forth with a small brush, soak the brushed chemical fiber clothes in clean water, and then scrub, and the mildew will be removed.

Cotton clothes:

Bean sprouts

For the mildew spots on cotton clothes, you can use several bean sprouts to rub them repeatedly where there are mildew spots, and then rinse them with clean water to remove the mildew spots. Because bean sprouts have a lot of protein and vitamin C, they can fully decompose mold.

Wash with white vinegar and half a bag of milk

When the clothes smell musty, you can add two spoonfuls of white vinegar and half a bag of milk to the water, soak the clothes in the specially prepared laundry water for 10 minutes, and then wash them with water!

Washing with rice washing water

When mildew spots appear on clothes, soak the moldy clothes in rice washing water overnight to let the remaining protein adsorb the mold. The next day, the color of the rice washing water became darker and many mildew spots had been removed. Where the mildew is still stubborn, you can apply some 5% alcohol solution, or scrub it repeatedly with hot soapy water for several times, and then the mildew can be completely removed as long as you scrub it as usual.

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How to prevent mildew spots on clothes

camphor ball

For dehumidification drugs, in addition to common anti mildew products such as camphor pills and anti mildew cakes, moisture absorption and dehumidification products such as bamboo charcoal and charcoal products are also acceptable. Master Bang home doctor suggested: this trick is used to prevent mildew in advance and put it in the wardrobe.

Plastic packing bag

Now there are many plastic storage bags available. We can buy some plastic storage bags to put clothes in and dry the air. After the clothes are isolated from the air, they will become a vacuum environment, and there will be no possibility of mildew.

Often take it to the sun

When the sun is good, remember to take out your clothes and dry them in the sun. It will be better at this time. The sun has a good bactericidal effect on your clothes. Therefore, those who work hard and quickly can avoid mildew or moisture.