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How to deal with sunburn in summer

How to deal with sunburn in summer

Summer hot sun, often engaged in outdoor work or activities of friends, skin long-term exposure to the sun, it is easy to be burned, so summer skin sunburn how to do? The following editor teaches you a few moves.

At this time, it is better to apply cotton pad dipped in make-up water alternately until the skin feels cold. We take first aid for burn and pain after sun exposure.

First aid for skin burn

When the skin is burned by the strong sunlight and feels scorching, put the make-up water into the refrigerator to cool down, and then take out the frozen ice to apply. If conditions permit, you can also use water rich facial mask to relieve.

2. First aid for skin pain

This kind of situation has almost reached the point of scald. The only first aid method is to apply ice and do not wear any skin care products. If the hands and feet are sunburned, use a towel soaked in ice water to wrap up the ice and apply it until the skin feels comfortable.

When the sunburned skin is relieved, in order to prevent the skin from dryness and tightness, or even the skin can't be applied with makeup due to dryness, it is necessary to supplement water:

First of all, moisturize with a foam face cream during bathing and rinse it over a period of time.

Then, apply moisturizing lotion on the face, and gently press the face with the palm to promote the absorption of water. After doing this several times, the skin will recover its original moisturizing ability.