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What are the enrollment conditions of lakeside university? What does lakeside university teach

What are the enrollment conditions of lakeside university? What does lakeside university teach lakeside university is a non-governmental school jointly founded by Ma Yun and domestic well-known entrepreneurs. It is mainly aimed at current entrepreneurs. What are the enrollment conditions of lakeside university? What courses does lakeside university teach? Let's learn some.

Lakeside university can't be admitted by hard work

Lakeside university is not an ordinary university. It can be admitted through hard work. If you want to go to lakeside University, ordinary people really don't think about it. Let's take a look at the application conditions of lakeside University: enterprise decision makers who have started a business for more than three years, with an annual operating income of more than 30 million yuan, need to provide a three-year tax payment certificate, and more than 30 employees. In addition, there must be three recommenders, one of whom is the designated recommender of lakeside University. Do you know who the designated recommenders are? They include 9 school directors, 26 sponsors and phase IV students. They are all big men, including Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, Shi Yuzhu, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, etc. How do ordinary people know these big guys? Also recommended, there are no doors.

It would be naive to think that this would allow you to enter lakeside University. This is only the condition for initial registration. It is a hard indicator! After registration, lakeside University will visit the company to screen the students and determine the final interviewer. According to the selected students in the past, the interview is the most difficult link in all links, which is more difficult than the hard index. The interview mainly assesses' Entrepreneurship ', which is to see if the person has a dream, execution, ambition and the characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

2 lakeside university tuition is very expensive

The MBA program of Guanghua School of management of Peking University is the most influential in China. The tuition fee is 258000 and the length of schooling is two years. The tuition fee of lakeside university is 360000 and the length of schooling is three years (Two-year centralized learning and the third year is the tracking period). If the time of centralized learning is counted, lakeside university is one of the most expensive.

3 course arrangement

Many University MBA courses include strategic management, financial management, marketing management, macroeconomics and other courses, which are boring to learn. The courses of lakeside university are different. They don't have so many theoretical courses. At present, the courses of lakeside university include three series: (1) thirty years of Chinese private enterprises; (2) Business in DT era: including courses such as mission, vision, values, infrastructure and ecological strategy; (3) Centennial Series: including the history of science and technology, business and wealth, society and civilization. Many leaders of these courses will combine their own practice. They are vivid and practical. They really yearn for it.