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What information is required for construction permit?

Construction permit is a kind of commencement document that allows the construction unit to meet the construction conditions. It is also one of the legal certificates and basis for the construction unit to construct. Without this document, it is illegal construction, which is not protected by law and cannot be started. So what materials should be prepared for handling the construction permit?

When applying for a construction permit, the construction unit shall meet the following conditions and submit corresponding supporting documents:

(1) The land approval procedures for the construction project have been handled.

(2) The construction project in the urban planning area has obtained the construction project planning license.

(3) If the construction site has basically met the construction conditions and needs demolition, the demolition progress shall meet the construction requirements.

(4) The construction enterprise has been determined. If there is no bidding for the project that should be tendered according to the regulations, there is no public bidding for the project that should be publicly tendered, or the contracted project is dismembered, and the project is contracted to a construction enterprise that does not have the corresponding qualifications, the determined construction enterprise is invalid.

(5) There are construction drawings and technical data meeting the construction needs, and the construction drawing design documents have been reviewed as required.

(6) There are specific measures to ensure project quality and safety. In the construction organization design prepared by the construction enterprise, there are corresponding quality and safety technical measures formulated according to the characteristics of construction engineering. For engineering projects with strong professionalism, special quality and safety construction organization design has been prepared, and the engineering quality and safety supervision procedures have been handled in accordance with the regulations.

(7) The project that should be entrusted for supervision has been entrusted for supervision.

(8) Construction funds have been allocated. If the construction period is less than one year, the funds in place shall not be less than 50% of the project contract price in principle. If the construction period is more than one year, the funds in place shall not be less than 30% of the project contract price in principle. The construction unit shall provide the certificate of funds in place issued by the bank, and may implement bank payment guarantee or other third-party guarantee if conditions permit.

(9) Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

The regulations vary slightly from place to place. Mainly provided by Party A.