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Can veterans buy a house? Are there any preferential policies?

In daily life, we often see the window of giving priority to soldiers, which makes people feel that soldiers have some preferential policies. In fact, soldiers have some preferential policies, but the details also depend on where and what things to do. So cruel people will wonder, are there any preferential policies for veterans to buy a house?

1、 Can veterans buy a house loan

For the question of whether soldiers can buy a house with a loan, of course, the answer is yes. Just provide relevant materials such as a copy of the officer's certificate, the original income certificate, the original marriage certificate or single certificate. Soldiers can also apply for a loan to buy a house.

1. The borrower shall first fill in the application form in the bank and ask the credit personnel for preliminary review. Only those who meet the application qualification will be given an application notice, and submit the ID card, household register, marriage certificate, house purchase contract, income certificate and other materials required by the lending bank to the law firm designated by the bank.

2. Then the lawyer shall conduct a preliminary examination of the materials of the loan applicant, issue a legal opinion and a certificate of acceptance to the bank, evaluate the identity and credit status of the loan applicant, charge relevant fees, buy housing insurance at the bank counter, and pay the housing insurance fees at one time;

3. The bank is required to review the credit materials of the loan applicant. After approval, the lawyer shall arrange to sign the personal housing loan loan contract, guarantee contract, letter of authorization for entrusted transfer payment and other legal documents with the loan applicant, and open a special account for personal housing loan. The lawyer is responsible for reviewing the signed legal documents, the bank signs the loan contract and other materials, submits them to the developer and the borrower, and the loan funds are transferred to the developer's account;

4. The relevant borrower shall repay the loan on time according to the specified repayment method, repay the principal and interest, terminate the mortgage and guarantee contract, and take back the relevant mortgage certificates.

2、 What are the preferential policies

1. The soldier enjoys preferential housing provident fund loans. According to the measures for the administration of military housing provident fund loans, since August 1, 2015, military housing provident fund can be used to buy commercial houses, instead of the previous provident fund only after military personnel change jobs.

2. According to the measures, the loan limit of the borrower shall not exceed 400000 yuan according to the loan proportion of housing provident fund stipulated by the state; If the housing provident fund loan limit stipulated by the people's Government of the place where the house is purchased exceeds 400000, it shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the people's Government of the place where the house is purchased.

The above is about whether the veterans can buy a house loan and the preferential policies. Now the loan to buy a house has become a popular way, mainly because the house price is too high and the total price of the house is very high. Many friends will choose the way of loan to buy a car and a house. Veterans will also face the problem of buying a house, If preferential policies can be chosen, it is naturally good.