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What are the tips of recommending peace elite to fight wild

What are the tips of recommending peace elite to fight wild among the peace elites, many friends like playing wild. The probability of survival in this life will be very high and the rank will rise quickly. What are the tips for the peace elites to play wild? Let's have a look.

Peace elite fighting wild route

Fighting wild: fighting wild in MoBa mobile games is fighting wild monsters, plus gank, but fighting wild in this game is different. Fighting wild in this game is worth searching edge resources and running to places with few people as far as possible. Playing wild is also an obscene developmental player. We jump to the edge and can live to the top 50. Moreover, you can slowly collect resources, so it's easy to score points, and playing wild can also catch up with airdrops.

Benefits of fighting wild:

Single person combat exercises their own level and combat skills. Moreover, they can fight man-machine here. It's still beautiful to kill two man-machine in one game. This is the necessary way for players to brush points. Of course, they can also play in the wild collectively. We all jump on the edge. It is the hard truth to live on the points for obscene development. The resources of playing the wild can also be compared with other players.

Field route:

Mine, l City, nuclear power station, peak ruins, K city (many people have never been), s city and Z City (very few people go). These points are all OK. They are generally resource points, but where there are very few people, we can safely fight wild. Of course, we can decide where to jump according to the route of the plane. Then look at the scope of the self poison circle and then determine your own route. The necessary thing to fight wild is to have a car. You can have a car where the poison brush is, and you can't lose blood once you drink the drink.

Recommendation: the fishing village, near the mine, the resource point of Z city is very fat, and l city can also be considered. If you are more obscene, you can choose a more marginal place. The area on the left of the K city and the mine is good, and no one goes to our Z City, because the routes are rarely painted on it.

Operation method:

1. Choose the best landing place in the sky, no matter where it is? As soon as you land, start looking for a car and drive where you want to go.

2. Start searching when you drive to the corresponding place. You should make sure that no one flies there. This is the best.

3. After searching all the resources, you don't have to run in a hurry in the first lap. When the poison shrinks, you can run slowly, so that you won't meet people on the road. At most, they are man-machine players.

4. There is no fixed play in the back. Those who like chasing airdrops can try, and those who like obscene can continue to be obscene. The latter is to strive for a good ranking. If there are only 20 people left, you can continue to be obscene. Of course, players who like to kill can find a high point, and there will always be one or two players here.