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What should I pay attention to when chatting with Yuesao? How to get along with sister-in-law Yue?

Now many families will invite sister-in-law. It is easy for pregnant women to have emotional problems after childbirth, and sister-in-law will more professionally take into account the physical and mental needs of pregnant women and make pregnant women comfortable. This is also conducive to physical and mental health. However, we should also pay attention to many problems in the process of getting along with sister-in-law. Although it costs money to invite sister-in-law, we still need to think more about the position of sister-in-law. Next, let's find out how to chat with sister-in-law?

1. Never abuse sister-in-law. Pregnant women or family members must not think that they have spent money and do not pay attention to the respect for the personality of Yuesao.

2. Listen to their voices and understand what she thinks. Pay attention to emotional interaction when getting along with Yuesao.

3. Ensure the normal rest time of Yuesao. If you can't guarantee, you should pay her reasonable overtime expenses. It's best not to increase the work outside the specified service content at will.

4. Yuesao is not a working machine. She should be given enough rest and respect their privacy.

5. Don't let sister-in-law intervene in any form of family disputes.

6. The instructions of family members should be clear, unified, and avoid saying different things, so that sister-in-law doesn't know what to do.

7. Always keep in touch with your sister-in-law at work or when you go out.

8. Be strict with Yuesao and be tolerant.

9. Respect the personality and labor of Yuesao and treat others equally; To patiently guide the work of sister-in-law; To ensure that sister-in-law does not live in the same room with adults of the opposite sex or in a place where others can go in and out at will. The monthly sister-in-law shall be provided with basically the same food as the user's family.

The relationship between pregnant women and their families and their sister-in-law needs a period of adaptation and running in. In daily life, pay attention to the emotional interaction between the two sides. As a pregnant woman or family, first of all, deal with sister-in-law's more human care. Even a word of friendship and care is also a warmth. If she meets a small wish, she will redouble her repayment and do a better job of service. As long as we take the initiative to do a good job in emotional interaction, the final benefit is the baby and maternal.