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What should sister-in-law Yue pay attention to? What are the precautions for sister-in-law Yue?

Now the social and economic level has improved. Many people will ask Yuesao to take care of their children after giving birth for some reasons, which also has a great relationship with their family situation. Secondly, Yuesao is professionally trained and will be more professional. However, if you want to light sister-in-law, there are still many things to pay attention to. Next, let's learn what to pay attention to when applying for sister-in-law?

Seven precautions for choosing Yuesao:

1. Whether to invite sister-in-law Yue, the concept of family should be unified

Sometimes expectant mothers want to invite sister-in-law, but the family may have different views and contradictions. Yue's sister-in-law has encountered many difficulties after she chose to return the order or work at home. The gains outweigh the losses. Therefore, it is very important to unify her concept with her family.

2. Be clear about your requirements

Some expectant mothers are more casual, while others are very particular. First of all, they can communicate with the housekeeping company and clarify the requirements, so that the housekeeping company can recommend a suitable sister-in-law.

3. Choose a regular housekeeping company

Choosing a housekeeping center should check its business qualification and ensure the professional qualification of its personnel. When signing a contract, it is necessary to write down the specific content of the service, charging standard, liability for breach of contract or accident, etc; Ask for an official invoice when paying. Regular housekeeping companies have a set of strict review procedures. Each sister-in-law has her own files, including ID card, health certificate, professional experience, job qualification certificate, photo, physical examination certificate and other certificates. Users must check these certificates.

4. What do you ask during the interview

How do you know if this sister-in-law is professional? Ask questions from the actual work, such as how many babies you have taken, what work you have done, how much the baby starts to eat, how much to eat after a week, what the details of bathing the baby are, etc. To see whether sister-in-law is good or not depends not only on her technology, but also on her character, which is very important.

5. Be sure to sign a contract

It is suggested that when inviting Yuesao, you should book Yuesao before signing the contract. For convenience, some employers did not sign a contract with Yuesao's company, and did not agree on the scope of work and working hours. In the process of Yuesao's service, there were disputes, and the employer could not explain why. In addition, when signing a service contract, look at the terms of the contract and sign again if there is no problem.

6. Assess Yuesao

In the process of providing services to Yuesao, we should constantly cooperate with Yuesao company to assess Yuesao's services, and carefully fill in the daily Yuesao service evaluation form. Yuesao who is not satisfied with the service can put forward replacement requirements to the company.

7. Communicate with Yuesao in time

Pregnant women are in a bad mood during childbirth, so pregnant women and sister-in-law should strengthen communication in time, directly tell sister-in-law your preferences or put forward your suggestions to sister-in-law, so that any problems can be easily solved.