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What are su Mingcheng's funny golden sentences in everything is good? Check Su Mingcheng's lines

Recently, the urban emotional drama "Du Hao Hao Hao", starring Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei, Yang Youning, Li Nian, Gao Xin, Gao Lu, Zhang Chenguang, Wang Dong and Peng Yuchang, has the most topics. The main reason is that Guo Jingfei, who plays his father Su Daqiang and his son Su Mingcheng, plays too many roles in the play. But while being disliked by the audience friends, many lines in the play also amused everyone. In particular, Su Mingcheng's frequent golden sentences in the play have a full sense of picture, which can't be forgotten for a long time. This article brings you a collection of Su Mingcheng's golden sentences in everything is good. Let's have a look.

'you can't sleep tonight, Dad!'

'brother, do you remember to buy a candied haw?'

'stool time should not be too long '

'I'm a walking dung maker'

'well, you can kill yourself with porridge'

'uncle, just like the nations, is it learning material?! You might as well let him go to the park with you, play with whips, drill fire rings and set up a circus. He can also stand out! "

Mingyu: 'brother, I can sign the bill in this restaurant. You can order whatever you want.'

Mingcheng looks at Mingzhe and says, 'Niu Cai is generous. She can't sign anywhere. She can sign in the White House'.

'I suspect he looks at martial arts and is so aggressive.'

'why do you live in three bedrooms and one living room alone? Do you run? After my mother left, you became too wild. I think' the above is Su Mingcheng's magic golden sentence in everything is good, which Xiao Bian checked for everyone. The last sentence really made Xiao Bian laugh and can't be forgotten for a long time.