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How to deodorize the toilet

The bathroom is usually the place with the most peculiar smell, especially in the back tide weather. Let alone the smell. How can we remove the peculiar smell? Let's have a look~

1. Fresh air deodorization method: occasionally using some air fresheners also has a good deodorization effect, but it can not be used more. It is better to choose those air fresheners with lighter taste, which can dispel some peculiar smell.

2. The most simple and easy way is to open the window frequently for ventilation, especially in winter, do not close the doors and windows to keep warm and keep them airtight. In order to keep the indoor air fresh, it is necessary to install the exhaust fan in the toilet or install a deodorant at the drain mouth if possible, so as to greatly reduce or eliminate the odor in the toilet.

3. For the toilet with floor drain, a floor drain deodorant can be installed at the drain mouth to isolate it from peculiar smell. Or cover the floor drain with soft, elastic and airtight rubber plate. Remove the shutter when using the floor drain for drainage.

4. Dew deodorization method: if you think the air in the toilet is not fresh enough, you can also ask the dew to help you put a few drops of dew on the electric light in the toilet. Please pay attention to the operation in case of power failure. How can the decoration save money? Go to the home decoration network and design the budget quotation free of charge. When the dew evaporates completely, turn on the lights and the house will be fragrant.

5. Deodorization with flowers: one of the ways to deodorize the toilet is to put lilies and other fragrant flowers in the toilet. Buy two bottles with wide mouth that you like and put them in the bottle, which can deodorize and beautify the toilet.

6. Deodorant method of seasoning: seasoning is also a good deodorant, such as seasoning, chili, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, etc., which can also send out pleasant fragrance. It's good to use small dishes to put them in the toilet.

7. Activated carbon deodorization: carbon has adsorption and can remove odor. Putting some activated carbon or charcoal in the toilet can remove odor very well.