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Who is the tramp who is shaking tiktok? Tiktok, a wandering man reading poetry and books on his voic

Tiktok is always a tiktok. Many people suddenly start to fire. The people who usually hear the blaze on the blink are not good-looking, or have special talents and abilities, or attractive. Recently, shabby in dress tiktok, a tramp, dressed in rags, but he was full of poetry and books. Many people are very curious about this tramp. Why does such a knowledgeable person become a tramp? Who is this tramp who is shaking tiktok? This article is a small volume that brings you a very brief introduction to the tiktok who is very angry in the jitter.

Who is the tiktok master?

The tiktok, a famous tramp who is shaking his voice, is on fire. He saw a video of him tiktok, and he described to everyone his own idea that reading is his favorite thing. He didn't want to share his video on the jitter because he was famous for it. He supports it, but if you want to make a profit, I'm sorry. It's against his belief.

How can such a person with three correct views be covered by his rags!

With a ragged shirt and a face of vicissitudes, the book in my hand is clean and dust-free. The action of turning the book is like a cat lover who is so light and careful when rolling the cat. This is the love of the book. What about the dust? My heart is full of love in the book. The deep love in the book can only be understood by people with insight and pride.

We are all laymen. We really don't understand why he chose to wander. Jin Yong said that the great Xia is for the country and the people. He did read a lot of books and had great opinions, but he didn't become a great Xia. But have a clean soul! We can't use wandering to interpret him superficially. As he said, his appearance doesn't necessarily mean that he is a garbage collector, just like the Buddha also practiced hard in those years? Maybe he is experiencing all kinds of life.

Details of Shen Wei's personal data:

The tramp's real name is' Shen Wei ', and he is 52 years old this year. Do you think this is a poor scholar who lives a hard life? In fact, it's not. This is a scholar who used to have a job and now has a deposit!

Mr. Shen was once an auditor of the audit bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai. In 1993, because he advocated "garbage classification" and picked up and collected waste products every day, he was regarded as "sick" by others and was persuaded to retire from sick leave by the unit.

He didn't force us to help him, and we have no reason to ask him to dress neatly and appropriately.

Don't do to others what you don't want. He lives in the spiritual world, and we live in the material world. People who understand will understand, and people who can't understand don't need to understand!