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What is the most livable city in Jiangsu? Introduction to Nantong, the most livable city in Jiangsu

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Everyone's deepest impression of the southern city should be the misty rain, small bridges, flowing water and Qingshiban road. In such a beautiful city, life should be very comfortable. Since ancient times, Jiangnan has been the most beautiful place in people's mind, so many people want to live in southern cities. Now China's Jiangsu Province is a large province with good development and environment in the south. What city in Jiangsu Province is the most suitable for living? Speaking of Jiangsu Province, you may first think of Nanjing. However, Nanjing is not the most suitable city for people to live in Jiangsu Province. So what is the most livable city in Jiangsu Province? This article brings you Nantong, the most livable city in Jiangsu Province.

I believe many people first think of Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province. After all, this city has developed very rapidly, and has attracted everyone's attention on the Internet in recent years. It has to be said that there are still many famous scenic spots in Nanjing, such as Zhongshan Mausoleum, park Qinhuai and so on, Of course, many people will think of Suzhou, which is very well-known. A series of ancient buildings such as Suzhou gardens are even more amazing to many people. Of course, the scenery of this place has also attracted many tourists.

But what surprises many people is that in the eyes of many people in Jiangsu, the city most suitable for large families is neither Suzhou, nor Nanjing, the provincial capital, but Nantong. Nantong has a history of more than 1000 years. In ancient times, it was called Tongzhou. Although it is not as famous as Nanjing and Suzhou, it has also made great development in recent years. At the same time, its geographical location is important. It faces Shanghai and Suzhou across the river, borders Taizhou and Yancheng, and integrates the advantages of 'Gold Coast' and 'gold waterway'.

Nantong's economic development is worthy of praise. Of course, whether a city is suitable for everyone to live depends on the economic situation. Although its economic development is fast, its consumption level is much lower than that of Nanjing and Suzhou, which makes everyone less pressure, and the air quality here is also very good, Coupled with the opening of Yantong high-speed railway in the next few years, it will be more convenient for everyone to travel. In this way, it is no wonder that Nantong will become the most livable city in the eyes of many Jiangsu people.

In Xiaobian's opinion, China's Jiangsu Province has very attractive advantages in any aspect. It attracts many people to settle in this place in terms of transportation, economy, tourism resources and air quality. Many people often choose Nanjing or Suzhou when choosing a place, But in fact, Nantong is also a city suitable for everyone to choose. Do you agree with Xiaobian? Which city do you think is the most suitable for residents in Jiangsu Province?