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How does the glory of the king query combat power? How to query the combat power of the king's glory

King's glory is a mobile game that everyone likes very much. Now there are many players playing King's glory, but for players who have just started playing King's glory, they are not familiar with many operations in King's glory. The combat power in the king's glory is the data reflecting the player's technical strength. How to query the combat power value in the king's glory? This article brings you a query method for the glory and combat power of the king. If you can't, come and see how to operate it&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;

how to view the king's glory combat power list:

1. Enter the qualifying page and click to enter the glory theater in the upper right corner

2. After the system locates itself, we can query the county-level and district level glory blocks. We click the county-level, because the district level cannot view the municipal level, provincial level and national service.

3. After coming in, we can see the ranking list of one of our heroes, and then we choose to change heroes. Select the heroes you need to view, and you can see your ranking list in this county.

4. When we switch from left to right, we can also see the ranking of our heroes at the municipal, provincial and national service levels. By Monday, we can get the title of which number we rank.

In addition, you can click the ranking list on the left side of the game home page, and then click [switch list] - [glory ranking] to view the hero combat power ranking list of your region, as well as the combat power ranking list of the whole province and the whole national service. Click Change hero on the left to view different hero combat power. The above is the query method of the king's glory and combat power brought by Xiaobian. I hope it can be helpful to you.