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How to maintain tatami is also very important

I've seen tatami's bed in the hotel. It's very comfortable to sleep in the children's bedroom. But how to clean tatami?

Tatami decontamination method:

1. Leave furniture dents: spray some water into the dents, then put on a wet towel, and iron it with an iron;

2. Dye ink: wet it with milk and wipe it clean;

3. Mildewing: wipe with a cloth towel stained with disinfectant alcohol, then wipe with a wringing cloth, and finally ventilate and dry;

4. Dip in soy sauce and light oil: apply washing powder or detergent, and then wipe repeatedly with a wringing towel until it is clean;

5. Scorch: if it is such a small place as cigarette butts, use medium sandpaper to remove the scorched area. If the scorched area is large, in addition to removing the scorched black with sandpaper, wax can also be dripped to fill the hole.

6. Touch the universal refill: the oil pen shall be wiped with the polish remover or the diluent of natural paint, and the water pen shall be wiped with the detergent.

7. Extend the sunshine time: how to save money in decoration after wiping with a rag and wringing with a small amount of vinegar? Go to home furnishing net and design budget quotation free of charge. Wipe tatami from time to time. It will achieve an unexpected ideal effect.

Tatami maintenance method:

1. Wipe with dry cloth every day;

2. Keep the air conditioner on for dehumidification in rainy days;

3. On a sunny day, open the air and dry your back;

4. If mildew is found, clean the mold with acetic acid diluted by dry plantain; the color of tatami treated by mildew will be slightly yellow, which will not affect its normal use.

5. Put it in the sun, and pay attention to air it on the opposite side.