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What does Yan Xinglian mean? What is the origin of Yan Xinglian

What does Yan Xinglian mean? What is the origin of Yan Xinglian in the past two years, there has been a big explosion of network information. Some new words often appear on the Internet. They have all heard of heterosexuality, forgetting love and homosexuality. Have you ever heard of Yan Xinglian? What does Yan's sexual love mean? Let's have a look.

What does Yan's sexual love mean

The so-called 'Yan sexual love', as the name suggests, refers to a person's sexual orientation. Specifically, no matter whether the other person is male or female, as long as you think she (he) is beautiful and you like it, you may be Yan sexual love at this time. " The public nuisance of "Yan sexual love" may make you bend or straighten after seeing each other's face.

In short, 'Yan sexual love' is praising a person's beauty so that both men and women will like it.

The origin of Yan sexual love Yan sexual love comes from the hot topic Yan sexual love on the microblog. Are you heterosexual or gay? Like both women and men, so doubt that you are bisexual? Wrong, this may be Yan sexual love. What does Yan sexual love mean? Just look at your face, straight or curved. So, now that you understand the meaning of this new word, can you determine your sexual orientation?