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What are the proverbs about the spring equinox? Vernal equinox solar terms proverb market point

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; The twenty-four solar terms is called the fifth great invention of China, so it is a very important part of Chinese literature. The twenty-four solar term in ancient China is a very important day. It plays a very important role in guiding the agricultural production in ancient China. It is an important part of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation and embodies the essence of Chinese civilization. The spring equinox is coming in a few days. There are many proverbs about solar terms in China. What are the proverbs about the spring equinox? This article has brought you the spring equinox proverbs. Let's learn them together.

1. It rains at the spring equinox and everyone is busy.

2. There are few patients with rain on the spring equinox (if it rains on the spring equinox, there are few patients.)

3. Plant peony in spring, but don't blossom in old age (peony blooms in summer, and planting in spring equinox is too slow)

4. Good planting before the spring equinox and good planting of beans after the spring equinox: This is an agricultural phenomenon in Northern Taiwan, but it is earlier in southern Taiwan.

5. The spring equinox, the day and night are closed (the day and night of the spring equinox are 12 hours respectively.)

6. Plant vegetables at the spring equinox.

7. The rain sugarcane is long, the olives at the spring equinox are yellow at both ends, the Gu Yu green plum is fragrant, the Xiaoman loquat is yellow, the summer solstice red bayberry is like fire, the lotus canopy is in the water in the summer, the water chestnut dances in the autumn equinox, the frost falls on the mountain to pick yellow persimmons, and the light snow longan litchi is paired.

8. Sting moths, spring equinox silkworms.

9. The spring equinox is early and the valley rain is late. It is the right time to plant potato in Qingming.

10. Don't blame the bad harvest if you don't plant wheat at the spring equinox.

11. At the beginning of spring, the sun turns and the rain falls on the Yanhe River; When the crow cries, the land is dry at the spring equinox.

12. There is rain at the spring equinox to Qingming. There is no way to go when it rains at Qingming.

13. The rain doesn't stop at the spring equinox, and there are good days around Qingming.

14. The equinox is cloudy and rainy, and it rains continuously in spring.

15. It snows at the spring equinox and sows cold in spring.

16. There is no rain at the spring equinox.

17. A rainy spring equinox is a good year.

18. The spring equinox is not warm and the autumn equinox is not cold.

19. The spring equinox is not cold.

20. It is cold before the spring equinox and warm after the spring equinox; It is warm before the spring equinox and cold after the spring equinox.

21. The west wind is cloudy and rainy at the spring equinox.

23. The spring equinox is windy and the summer solstice is rainy.

24. The south wind at the spring equinox, rain first and then drought.

25. The spring equinox Morning Post reported that there was a southwest wind and a typhoon pest.

26. Spring equinox, autumn equinox, day and night equinox

27. After eating the spring equinox, one day is a long line.