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What is the stem of Beiguang Kunnan Daqiang? Which is more annoying, Su Daqiang or Xie Guangkun

What is the stem of Beiguang Kunnan Daqiang? Which is more annoying, Su Daqiang or Xie Guangkun

Sihai: what's the most recent TV play? It's all good. Many of the tasks of the stills have caused netizens to make complaints about their own lives. Among them, Su Daqiang has been showing the contrast of Xie Guangkun in the countryside love, so there is a big strong in the North Guang Kun Nan. So what kind of stem is this? Let's have a look.

Who are Xie Guangkun, Su Daqiang

In "everything is fine", Su Daqiang, who was liberated, almost caused a fire when he stayed at his son's daughter-in-law's house. He couldn't use his daughter-in-law's towel to wash his face, and he didn't take a bath when his taste was too strong. He even invited friends to visit his home, smoked and chewed melon seeds, breaking the tea cup that his daughter-in-law cherished very much & hellip& hellip; Not only the trifles of life, but also regardless of his son's situation, he wholeheartedly wanted to go to the United States.

In love in the countryside, Xie Guangkun has only one son Xie Guangkun who went to an ordinary university, so he tossed his daughter-in-law Wang Xiaomeng and his family. First, he felt that no one was worthy of his baby son. Even in the tenth part, Xie Guangkun could say a big deal. It was hard to obey, which made Wang Xiaomeng cry angrily.

Imagine that if Xie Yongqiang went to Stanford, a famous American school, and Xie Guangkun had the opportunity to go to the United States, he might be worth ten Su Daqiang. Uncle Guangkun still gave up his combat effectiveness.

What is the stem of Beiguang Kunnan Daqiang

Xie Guangkun and Su Daqiang are from "country love" and "everything is good". Their common feature is that they are very good and annoying. Therefore, they have the stem of Beiguang Kunnan Daqiang, which describes that they are equally annoying.

Xie Guangkun is a clever monkey, while Su Daqiang pretends to be stupid and shameless. They give full play to a realm to the extreme. Xie Guangkun, Su Daqiang, and fan shengmei. Her mother is a family drama expert. It's amazing to form a family. The sky can fall.