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How to improve the quick scoring skills of peace elite section

How to improve the quick scoring skills of peace elite section peace elite players should know the importance of segment. This is the honor of game players. In addition to daily games, how can peace elite segment be improved? Let's take a look at the quick scoring skills of the peace elite section.

How to improve the rank of peace elite?

Segment promotion

Players have different stages. Here are platinum and gold. This is the most basic stage, as well as higher diamonds and crowns. Behind it is the stage with superior strength. The player's position is basically related to strength. Although the game is good at diamonds and crowns, it's not good to go up later. There are Ares and trumps. Here we need technical competition.

Fixed team: set up a fixed team, and the team should have players who can play. It is recommended to set up a team, which is good for communication and cooperation. Players can play together when they should play, cover when they should cover, and at least they won't die when they land. Only two people in the fixed team can play, and the other two can't play. It's all right, so they can score easily. Teams can cooperate directly. Players cooperate with each other. One person plays, one person covers and one person encircles. This kind of is very efficient.

Melee Technology: of course, the technology needs to be practiced. The melee gun can't always die. At least more than half of the players should fight. Melee to gun is to look at the distance, shoot directly at close range, and the collimation moves more accurately, so it is easy to kill people. For long-range, you need to control the position, hit the damage, and sneak attack is the most ideal.

Chicken eating tips:

There is no difficulty at the last point. I won't introduce it here. If you reach the top ten, you can eat chicken at this time. Players need to be able to eat chicken and have a final duel. It is recommended that players prepare more grenades, about 7, about 4 for each person. In the final circle, grenades bomb the enemy, and then hide until only a few players are left. The final round is about reaction speed. As long as you find the commanding height, you can strike first. All the bullets hit him and you can easily beat him.

There are enemies on all sides. You must hide at the edge to ensure that there is no one behind you. At this time, you look at the left, others look at the right, and run together when you brush poison. Defend the enemy, let the enemy leak the flaws first, and then you attack from a long distance. It is not recommended to fight when shrinking the circle. At this time, you may not be able to run, and the terrain is bad and easy to be shot. One person must look at one point in the final circle. If there is a house, use the house card vision. Just pay attention to the front of the house. Pay attention to the surrounding areas in the open space. Then it is particularly easy to kill people in the house, and there are natural bunkers.