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What are the knowledge points that novice DNF mobile game players must know? DNF mobile game beginne

DNF mobile game is the official version of the underground city warrior. The underground city warrior is a classic and memorable game for many people. Therefore, the mobile game version has been loved by many players. However, many players who do not know about this game will encounter many problems after entering the game. This article brings you an introduction to dnf mobile game novice players. If you are also a novice player of this game, let's learn it together.

1. There are fatigue limitations, currently 156 fatigue. It can be saved or not. It's still very durable for the mobile phone party who doesn't have much time.

2. Gold coins are the most valuable! It's gone! Be sure to save! Don't play with enhanced equipment in the early stage. A large amount of gold coins.

3. Some powder packs can be bought directly in the game. Local tyrants can start with level 10 powder packs after level 10 transfer.

4. Don't sell useless equipment. If you sell it, you won't get many gold coins. You should decompose it so that you can obtain countless crystals and strengthen the materials necessary for useful equipment.

5. By the first day, I will be promoted to level 19, with nearly 40% experience and basically no mistakes. You can get a suit of fashion with attributes.

6. There will be a certain card level around level 20-22. There is no main task to do. At this time, you should brush more copies. You should also participate in guild copies, death tower and various activities. Anyone with experience should participate.

7. Let's talk about the PK field. It's good to change the title of PK winning points. It takes about an hour to brush. Pk1000 winning points can change a title, with about 30 strength and attack speed critical hit.

8. Also forget to mention that PK damage is basically taken away after being connected twice, and some take away! My combat effectiveness should be the highest on the first day. There are only two or three sets with normal combat effectiveness, almost the same.

9. Each profession has some to play. The combat power is almost the same. It's hard and easy to get started. Ghost cry and crazy war are the most popular.

10. Skill distribution is very important. Go to the Internet to find strategies for skill distribution (18183 zone is recommended). Set the keys early, you can practice as soon as possible, and it is easy to brush the map and PK.