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How did arbor day come from? Introduction to the origin of Arbor Day

How did arbor day come from? Introduction to the origin of Arbor Day March 12 every year is China's Arbor Day. Now people's environmental protection has been enhanced. Many friends are willing to join this public welfare activity. Do you know how Arbor Day comes? Let's have a look.

The origin of "3.12 Arbor Day" is closely related to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the pioneer of China's modern democratic revolution. Dr. Sun Yat Sen was the first person in modern Chinese history to realize the importance of forests and advocate afforestation. As early as in the book of Shang Li Hongzhang in 1893, he pointed out that "China wants to be strong, urgently promotes agronomy and pays attention to tree art"; Later, in his speech on the "three people's principles" in Guangzhou, he once again pointed out: "the fundamental way to prevent floods and droughts is to build forests and large-scale forests in the country." In July 1915, at the initiative of Sun Yat Sen, the then Beiyang government officially ordered that the annual Qingming Festival be tree planting day. On March 12, 1925, Dr. Sun Yat Sen died. In 1928, in order to commemorate the third anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's death, the national government held a tree planting ceremony and designated March 12, the day of his death, as tree planting day.

In 1979, at the proposal of Deng Xiaoping, the sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress decided to set March 12 as China's Arbor Day every year to encourage people of all ethnic groups to plant trees for the benefit of future generations. In February 1979, according to the proposal of the State Council, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress officially adopted the resolution to designate March 12 as tree planting day every year. In September 1984, the general provisions of the forest law of the people's Republic of China adopted at the seventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress stipulated that 'afforestation and forest protection are the obligations of citizens', thus bringing' afforestation 'into the scope of law.

Today, '3.12 Arbor Day' has become an important festival in China. It aims to remind people to respect nature and love trees, and to realize that trees are closely related to human survival and reproduction and the ecological environment of the earth.