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What is the fashion trend of spring and summer clothes in 2019? Fashion trends and elements of cloth

More than two months have passed since 2019. Unconsciously, the breath of spring has enveloped the earth. What is the fashion trend in 2019 must be a matter of great concern to many people. Even now it is just like spring, many summer clothes have already been on the market. So what are the fashion trends and popular elements of spring and summer clothing this year? In order to enable everyone to keep up with the trend, this article will review the popular elements in 2019. Let's have a look.

The popular patterns in spring and summer 2019 are tie dye gradients and animal patterns. The gradual colors of nebula explosion and tie dye elements full of music festival atmosphere will make the spring and summer season colorful~

1. Leopard print or animal print

Animal print has been popular since 2018, and it will become more and more popular in 2019. Leopard print is sexy, zebra print is unrestrained, and snake skin print is wild, all of which highlight the publicity personality~

The first thing to say is the resurgent Leopard Print this year. As the fashion conscious fairies know, leopard print became popular in 2018, and it is still popular this year~

Leopard print always shows people with wildness. If you want people to grasp the key points, it is easy to highlight the wearing of small areas~

In addition to leopard print, snake skin print has been popular since. There is also a trend of fire this year. The matching of the same color system is the most stable. It is worth noting that the tight snake skin print is carefully selected, which is easy to expose the meat of the legs~

The combination of leopard print and snake skin print is also very attractive. Whether it is matched with white T, canvas shoes, jeans and pleated skirt, it can make the overall shape a little perverse in uninhibited~

The wearing of animal patterns will have certain requirements for the figure. Tight ones are more suitable for mm with perfect figure~

Although the black leopard print will not be too obvious, it is very unfriendly to yellow mm. Choose carefully~

In addition, there is this light leopard pattern. When matching the bottom, it is better to choose light color~

The slightly low leopard print can be decorated with bright color accessories, such as hats, bags, etc~

2. National style

National style is a style that Annie has always liked very much and has very characteristics. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of national style, one is ethnic minority style, and the other is European and American national style, that is, bohemian style~

This national style knitted coat is very suitable for vacation. If you don't believe it, the upper body effect is super good and full of French romantic style~

In this festive season, the red and white national style is so beautiful that mm in this life year might as well try one~

Dark blue is quieter than haze blue. The embellishment of printing is complex but not messy, but it is also comparable to peacock feathers~

Some national style skirts are also very distinctive. The simple pattern trend has a bit of classical beauty, and the slit design adds a bit of female charm~

When the weather is colder, put on a thick hairy grass, which is full of noble spirit~

3. Fold

Seeing the word pleat, the fairy's first reaction must be the recently popular pleated skirt, which also belongs to a kind of pleat. Moreover, the popularity of pleat is not only reflected in the pleated skirt, but also brilliantly applied by designers to other places~

It can be said that the emergence of such single products has also saved a large number of lazy cancer patients, and it doesn't look cheap~

Apply it to the waist and arms for a full sense of design~

4. Tie dyeing gradient

Gradient tie dyeing has also been popular from last year to this year, and it has been everywhere in the show of major fashion weeks~

All kinds of pieces are unique, and there seems to be a vast starry sky in fashion design~

When used as a match, the solid color of the base is easy to handle~

Well, that's all for today's sharing. The trend of 2019 starts here and quietly beautifies the whole year.