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What reason is delayed menstruation? What are the hazards of girls' non menstruation

What reason is delayed menstruation? What harm does girls have menstruation is a physiological cycle that every normal woman must experience. When many girls come to their great aunt, their emotions fluctuate greatly and their bodies are uncomfortable, but they are more distressed if their great aunt doesn't come. Some women don't come to their great aunt for several months. What's going on and why? What harm does female not come menstruation have? Let's have a look.

What reason is the female does not come menstruation

1. Neuroendocrine dysfunction

Mainly the function of the lower hindbrain - raw tea cup - ovarian axis is unstable or defective, that is, menstrual disease.

2. Organic diseases or drugs

Including local inflammation, tumor, dysplasia and malnutrition of reproductive organs; Intracranial diseases; Other endocrine disorders such as thyroid, adrenal skin dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, Sheehan's disease and so on. Liver diseases; Blood diseases, etc. Use of psychotropic drugs; Irregular menstruation may occur in those who use endocrine preparations or intrauterine devices. Some professions, such as long-distance runners, are prone to amenorrhea. In addition, some abnormal bleeding during pregnancy is often mistaken for irregular menstruation.

3. Pressure

If women of childbearing age are under pressure for a long time, they will inhibit the function of the pituitary gland, so that the ovaries no longer secrete female hormones and do not ovulate, and menstruation will begin to be disordered. Similarly, long-term depression, sultry or poor mood will also affect menstruation.

4. Greedy for coldness

Women suffering from cold during menstruation will shrink the blood vessels in the pelvic cavity, lead to ovarian dysfunction, and cause too little menstruation or even amenorrhea.

What are the hazards of women's non menstruation:

1. Affect women's physical and mental health. When women's menstruation is irregular, there will be obvious skin color spots, relaxation, dark and dull, coarse pores, acne, sagging and atrophy of breasts, senile plaques, dry vulva, decreased sexual desire, obvious decline and weakening of female secondary sexuality, premature menopause and other symptoms.

2. Irregular menstruation can cause headaches. Headache is a common disease. Women are more likely to have this symptom than men, which is related to women's unique physiological characteristics. Epidemiological survey results show that menstrual headache accounts for about 20% of women's headache, which is also the impact of irregular menstruation on women.

3. Hemorrhagic anemia. The harm of irregular menstruation can lead to hemorrhagic anemia, dizziness, fatigue, panic, shortness of breath and other phenomena due to long-term excessive menstruation or irregular bleeding. In serious cases, it may be life-threatening.

4. Cause the condition to worsen. Many women's irregular menstruation is caused by some gynecological diseases, among which the most common are hysteromyoma and ovarian cyst. If not treated in time, it will lead to the deterioration of the condition and increase the difficulty of treatment, which is also one of the hazards of irregular menstruation.

5. Cause infertility. Irregular menstruation will not lead to infertility, but irregular menstruation is often caused by gynecological diseases. If these diseases are not treated in time, they will lead to infertility, which is the most important harm of irregular menstruation.

Occasional irregular menstruation does little harm to women's body, but long-term irregular menstruation will seriously affect women's health. Women with irregular menstruation should be given enough attention, and active medical treatment is their responsible attitude. I hope my answer is helpful to you. I wish you good health.