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Can girls practice yoga during menstruation? What sports are not suitable for menstruation

Can girls practice yoga during menstruation? What sports are not suitable for menstruation Yoga is a fashionable way of exercise today. Many female friends often practice yoga to lose weight. Women who often practice yoga may have such a question. Can they practice yoga during menstruation? What actions are not suitable for menstruation? Let's have a look.

Postures that cannot be practiced: all handstands (such as plow, head handstand, shoulder handstand, etc.), abdominal squeezing postures (such as back extension, single leg extension), violent postures with great body bearing capacity (such as wheel), etc. if uncomfortable, stop immediately

You can do some gentle, standing or kneeling postures (such as yoga body print, kowtow, triangle, tree, cat, snake, etc.)

Menstruation is not suitable to do handstand and squeeze the abdomen, which will make some menstrual blood that should be discharged from the body stay in the body and affect menstrual health. To avoid strenuous exercise during menstruation, you can practice some gentle stretching posture and massage your body. After menstruation, practicing yoga (including handstand and other postures) can eliminate the symptoms of discomfort during menstruation and be beneficial to body and mind.

Based on this principle, the exercises that should be avoided during menstruation are:

1) Avoid all inverted positions (the position of the uterus above the heart), which will interfere with the natural process of downward detoxification of menstrual body energy (Apana).

2) Too violent posture is easy to cause tension and fatigue.

3) Maintain a standing or balanced position for too long.

4) Vigorous backward bending movements, such as bow, camel, wheel, etc.

5) All postures of vigorous abdominal contraction and movement, such as abdominal rotation, supine leg lift and boat pose.

6) Jump.

7) The act of supporting full body balance with your arms.

8) Avoid difficult postures or learn new postures.

Women also need to pay more attention to conditioning during menstruation. At ordinary times, try not to do some vigorous exercise. At this stage, women's diet is best to eat more light food. At ordinary times, they can't eat some spicy and stimulating food. If women have menstrual pain during menstruation, they need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, Because it can only be caused by some gynecological inflammation.