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When will Samsung note10 be available? Samsung note10 release time and parameter configuration perfo

Two months have passed since 2019. In these two months, major mobile phone brands have released their first new products in 2019. In the future, many new mobile phones will meet you one after another. Recently, the latest news about Samsung note10 has attracted a lot of attention. What about the mobile phone configuration of Samsung note10? What's the price? When will it go on sale? These problems are what consumers want to know most. This article brings you the parameter configuration, performance highlights and estimated selling price of Samsung note10.

Samsung's new machine was launched in August

Phonearena released several high-definition 3D renderings of Samsung note10 yesterday, allowing us to see the style of this mobile phone.

According to these renderings, the Samsung note10 is very similar to the Samsung S10 + in appearance. It adopts infinity-o 'perforated screen' and a 'capsule' dual camera in front of the upper right of the screen. Samsung note10 also supports ultrasonic fingerprint identification, cancels the rear fingerprint identification opening that was not beautiful enough in the previous generation of Samsung note9, and is better in appearance.

In terms of color matching, phonearena designed two colors of yellow and green for Samsung note10, as well as two holographic magic colors. Of course, these images do not mean that they fully represent the final appearance of Samsung note10, but they are basically not much different.

At the same time, according to the exposure news of foreign media, the model of Samsung Galaxy note 10 is sm-n975f, and the biggest feature of appearance is rear four photos. In addition to supporting 5g like S10 series, note10 is expected to exceed 4000mAh battery, and the top equipped fuselage memory is also expected to exceed 10GB.

At present, the known disclosure information is: rear four camera + front two camera, with 5g version. In other aspects, the new infinity-o panel is equipped with 4K resolution, 6.66 inch superamoled screen on the front, the internal code is' DaVinci ', and the memory specifications are 8 + 128, 10 + 256, 10 + 512 and 12 + 1t.

In terms of configuration, the Samsung note10 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor, which is definitely used in the national bank version. It is equipped with 10GB and 12gb memory options, built-in 6000mAh large battery capacity, supports fast charging qc4.0, and supports IP68 dust and water proofing. At present, Samsung flagship machines basically support level 8 water proofing. Huawei only supports level 8 when it comes to mate20pro, which was only level 7 before. So is apple, It was only released to level 8 last year. Samsung note10 is expected to sell for $1000 and will be released in August 2019.

Samsung Galaxy note 10 is almost half a year away from its release to its listing. My partners must be in a hurry. However, new functions such as rear four camera, folding screen and waterproof are worth looking forward to. The price is $1000. The price of the Bank of China version should be a little lower, about 6000 yuan.