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IOS 12.2 beta 4 updates what Apple IOS 12.2 beta 4-liter downgrade method

In the early morning of March 5, Apple released the latest version update of IOS 12.2 beta 4, that is, the fourth test version of IOS 12.2. What did IOS 12.2 beta 4 update? Here are the new features and upgrade methods of Apple IOS 12.2 beta 4!

1、 Recent update time of ios12:

According to the old rules, first briefly review the ios12 system, the release and update of the beta version, official version and version number of recent versions, as follows.

In the early morning of March 5, ios12.2 beta 4 was released (including beta 4), and the version number was 16e5212f (latest)

In the early morning of February 20, IOS 12.2 beta 3 was released with the version number of 16e5201e

In the early morning of February 8, the official version of ios12.1.4 was released with the version number of 16d57

In the early morning of February 5, ios12.2 beta2 was released with the version number of 16e5191d

In the early morning of January 29, ios12.2 beta version 1 was released with version number 16e5181f (the first ios12.2 beta version)

In the early morning of January 25, ios12.2 beta 1 was released with the version number of 16e5181f (the first ios12.2 beta)

In the early morning of January 23, the official version of IOS 12.1.3 was released with version numbers of 16d39 and 16d40 (different models have different version numbers)

In terms of update time, the interval between IOS 12.2 beta 4 and the previous beta 3 version is 15 days. Compared with the official version of IOS 12.1.4, the interval is 25 days. It is expected that the official version of IOS 12.2 may also be released in the late part of this month.

From the perspective of version number, ios12.2 beta 4 version number is the highest, and the beta version of lower version can be upgraded online directly through Ota. For users of the official version of ios12, you can also install the ios12 description file and then upgrade online through Ota. The operation is also relatively simple. In the following upgrade methods, the small editor will introduce them in detail.

2、 What has been updated in IOS 12.2 beta 4? List of new features

IOS 12.2 beta 4 is still a small version update. From the previous beta version, the downloaded upgrade package is generally about 300 or 400 megabytes, mainly to adjust UI design and repair bugs. The following is a list of new features of IOS 12.2 beta 4.

1. Fix bugs and improve stability (invisible updates).

2. UI design adjustment, including changing the Apple TV switch icon in the control center to the remote control style, changing the Apple TV button position in the control center, changing the news icon

3. Add switch control for SMS filtering.

4. Others to be excavated.

Generally speaking, IOS 12.2 beta 4 is a relatively small version update. Except for some UI details, it has brought almost no major changes. It is a small version update that mainly fixes bugs.

3、 IOS 12.2 beta 4 known bugs

1. The 'fake' 5g icon still exists. After some foreign at t users upgrade to ios12.2 beta 4, the network icon will display '5g e', which is not a real 5g network. The 'e' in 5g e represents' evolution ', which belongs to a bug. It existed in the previous beta version and has not been repaired this time.

2. App flash back still exists

Some app flashbacks still exist. However, there are fewer and fewer apps with flash back, mainly because many apps have been updated and repaired. If the app on your IOS device has flash back, it is recommended to update to the latest version, most of which can be repaired.

4、 How to upgrade IOS 12.2 beta 4? Upgrade method

1. Supported models

First, please ensure that your IOS device supports IOS 12 system. The following is a list of IOS 12 supported devices:

In short, apple phones need iPhone 5S or above, tablet computers need iPad mini2 or above, and iPod only supports one product of six generations, which has certain requirements for devices.

2. Upgrade method

Before upgrading, you first need to find out which version of IOS 12 your IOS device currently belongs to, which is mainly divided into developer / beta / beta and official versions.

For ios12 developers / beta / beta users, you can receive the ios12.2 beta push today and upgrade online directly under WiFi. The operation method is as follows.

When you are connected to a WiFi network, enter settings - & gt; General - & gt; The update of the latest version can be detected in the software update. Click download and install directly, and complete the OTA online upgrade according to the prompt. The operation is very simple, as shown in the figure below.

If you are a user of the official version of IOS 12.1.4, you can't detect the push of the new version today. You can wait for the upcoming official version of IOS 12.2. If you are interested in IOS 12.2 beta 4, you can also install the beta description file, convert it into a beta user, and then upgrade it online. The specific methods are as follows.

① Users of the official version shall first download and install the ios12 beta version description file.

② After installing the beta description file, restart the device, and then enter the setting - & gt; General - & gt; If the software is updated, you can detect the update of ios12.2 bete4. Click download and install, and complete according to the prompt.

5、 How to downgrade IOS 12.2 beta 4?

For users who have been upgraded to IOS 12.2 beta 4, if they are not satisfied with this version, they can only be resolved by brushing and demoting.

Since the brushing cannot be performed directly on IOS devices, it must be performed with the help of computers and iTunes (or third-party assistant tools). Therefore, it is relatively troublesome for IOS 12 to brush. If you do not encounter major bugs or want to brush the pure system again, it is generally not recommended to downgrade the brushing.

For partners who need to brush machines, please refer to the following steps for details.

First, use the brush tool to back up important data, such as address book, photos, app, etc., to facilitate recovery after successful brushing. If there is nothing to back up, ignore this step.

At present, ios12.2 beta can only be used in two official versions: ios12.1.3 and ios12.1.4. For the beta version, ios12.2 beta 3 can be used. The verification channel of other versions has been closed. Therefore, pay attention to the version when downloading firmware.

There are two main ways to brush IOS devices. One is to use the official iTunes tool to brush the machine for degradation (you need to download firmware separately), and the other is a third-party assistant tool, such as PP and aise. It supports one click download of firmware and brushing, which is relatively simple.

Take iTunes tool as an example to introduce the general steps of iTunes brushing:

ITunes brush downgrade method:

1. First, Download ios12 firmware from the computer. Currently, it only supports downgrading to ios12.1.3 and ios12.1.4 official firmware;

2. Connect the IOS device that needs to brush to the computer through its own mobile phone data cable, and trust and authorize to connect to the computer;

3. Open the latest iTunes tools installed on your computer. If you have important data, it is recommended to complete the data backup first.

4. After the data backup is completed, press' Shift + update 'in the iTunes main interface, and then select to open the downloaded firmware;

After that, the operation will be handed over to the iTunes tool to complete it automatically. During the degradation process, please do not operate the computer and IOS device until the brush is completed, so as not to interrupt the upgrade and cause the device to turn brick.

If you use a third-party tool to brush the machine, such as aise, the operation steps will be quite simpler. There is no need to download firmware separately. You can operate directly in the assistant tool interface. According to the current system that can be degraded, you can brush the machine with one click (you also need to pay attention to backing up important data before brushing the machine).

The above is the list of new features and upgrading methods of IOS 12.2 beta 4. I believe I will have a more comprehensive understanding of fruit powder partners. In general, the update highlights of this version are not big, mainly to modify the bug. For fruit powder friends, if you don't want to toss, you can wait for the release of the large version update of ios12.2 before making an upgrade plan.