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Peace elite air raid shelter structure introduction air raid shelter strategy

Peace elite air raid shelter structure introduction air raid shelter strategy peace elite is one of the most popular mobile games at present. Many players can experience the pleasure of shooting in the game. Peace elite air raid shelter is rich in resources and is also a place prone to steel guns. Mastering the air raid shelter structure can largely avoid the tragedy of landing in a box. What about the structure of peace elite Island air raid shelter? Let's have a look.

[terrain analysis]

The terrain of the air raid shelter is special. It requires players to enter the cave to find materials, which is exactly the problem that many new players are worried about. There are four holes in the air raid shelter, and the floor area of these four holes is very small, which is difficult to find. Because of the aerial view during the landing, it is easy to find the hole, but if you land on the grass, it will be very difficult to find the hole of the air raid shelter.

The four holes of the air raid shelter are very close to each other and are distributed at the top left of the word "anti" in the map. The place where the small soil bag is displayed in the map is the location of the hole.

The terrain of the air raid shelter is very simple. After entering from the hole, you need to take a ladder road to sneak into the hole. The ladder is very narrow, about the width of a trampoline. After entering, the materials are placed at a glance. The decoration in the hole is very single, and the only shelter is the box.

The materials in the cave are not very rich, but the material quality is very high, which can probably supply the basic needs of three people. It is recommended to land in a double team mode.

The route inside the air raid shelter is relatively complex. It is difficult for players who do not often go to this place to find out the internal route of the air raid shelter. Therefore, if two people form a team, try to search together, otherwise it is very likely to cause the embarrassing situation of two people separated.

[strategic deployment]

Because of the unique geographical characteristics of the air raid shelter, many players are happy to land here. Therefore, the risk factor of landing in the air raid shelter is very large, which requires a certain rigid gun technology and reaction awareness.

First, recommend the most practical guns in the air raid shelter to players. There are only two positions where the air raid shelter can engage. One is the flat place where materials are picked up. The area of the flat place is very narrow, which overcomes the disadvantage of short range of submachine gun. Moreover, the submachine gun has a very fast firing speed and takes the initiative to engage here. Second, at the narrow stairs, the most important thing in fighting here is the player's reaction consciousness. Once there is a head-on collision, the advantage of who shoots first will be greater. Therefore, the shotgun can give full play to its advantage here. Shotgun face to face is the strongest gun. After all, it is difficult to shoot empty at such a close distance.

There are vehicles near each hole of the air raid shelter, usually bouncing. After searching the air raid shelter, players can directly drive the vehicles to the prison and then search. First of all, the prison is close to the prison, and the terrain of the prison is a basin. Players can clearly observe every move inside the prison outside the prison. Players can first look at the internal situation of the prison from the outside, and then decide whether to search the prison.


The first landing site shall be selected as far as possible in the air raid shelter, because the surplus of materials in the second search can be said to be poor.