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Black pants sticky hair how to clean black pants sticky hair cleaning tips

Black pants sticky hair how to deal with black pants sticky hair cleaning tips many friends like to wear black pants. They are not only white, but also thin. However, black pants also have a lot of trouble. For example, they often stick to hair and look ugly. What should we do with the sticky hair of black pants? Here are some tips to deal with sticky hair. Let's have a look.

Wide tape depilation

Don't worry when black pants are pasted with light wool or gray layer. A wide adhesive tape can solve your troubles. Move and paste the adhesive tape on the sticky part of the black pants, so that the sticky hair on the black pants will soon be stuck to the adhesive tape.

Wet towel depilation

Black pants are always stuck with wool and ash layer. Most of the reasons are caused by electrostatic adsorption. At this time, you can wipe them gently with a wet towel. In this way, all the sticky wool and ash layer on black pants are adsorbed to the towel. If you can wipe them outside with a wet paper towel, the effect is the same.

Hair remover

Supermarkets sell special hair gluers in the shape of rollers. The price is only about 10 yuan, which is particularly convenient to use. When the black pants are glued, just roll back the glued part of the pants and it will look new. Those who like to wear black pants can prepare one at home in case of need.

Plastic gloves depilation

Although we say plastic gloves, we are to prevent hand injury when washing clothes or dishes. However, when the pants encounter sticky hair, plastic gloves can also be used. Wear plastic gloves and use the raised side to deal with the sticky hair, so that the sticky hair can be removed at once.