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How to open red wine without bottle opener

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; How to open red wine without bottle opener red wine is now a very popular alcoholic drink. Many friends buy red wine and find that there is no bottle opener when they are ready to open it. How can I open red wine without a bottle opener? Now let's make a clever way to open red wine.

1. A thick book is better than a thick telephone book. Put the book on the wall and press it with one hand; Hold the bottle with the other hand and drop the bottom of the wine bottle to the center of the book or phone book. Keep the force moderate and uniform. Observe carefully, and you will see that the cork rises slowly and automatically.

2. Cut the bottle cap, lay a piece of cloth on the wall, hold the wine bottle in your hand, gently hit the cloth on the wall with the bottom of the bottle, and the cork will slowly top outward. When it is nearly half of the top, put the wine bottle on the table, and slowly pull out the cork after the bubbles disappear. If there is no wall, you can also hit the bottom of the bottle with your knee or sole.

Once the cork has been pushed out partially, it can be pulled out by hand or pliers. Or you can continue to hit rhythmically until the whole cork is pushed out. If you want to open a bottle of carbonated beverage (such as champagne or beer), leave it still for 10-15 minutes before opening it.

3. Take out a screw and a pair of pliers, screw part of the screw into the cork and the other part outside, tighten the screw with pliers and pull it out together with the cork.

Put the red wine in warm water, and the air in the bottle will expand, which will also accelerate the outward movement of the red wine bottle stopper. When part of the cork comes out, you can pry it out with a knife or screwdriver.

4. Use a fruit knife or a serrated knife (Note: the blade should not be too wide or too narrow. It should just fit into the cork without cutting the edge of the cork). Insert the blade into the center of the cork to avoid cutting the edge as much as possible. Hold the bottleneck with one hand and slowly rotate the handle to drive the cork to rotate together; Do not rotate too hard. Then lift the handle up slowly and pull out the cork slowly.