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Can Alipay change my team? Can Alipay replace the 900 million teams after it is carved up?

Alipay can divide into 900 million activities, users can form a combat team to double the bonus, the highest 20 times, then Alipay my team can be changed? Can Alipay replace the 900 million teams in March? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.

Can Alipay change my team?

1. Each team has a maximum of 19 people. After joining the team, users cannot leave the team. One user can join a team at most.

2. After the formation of the team, a team chat group will be created. Team members can click the page button to enter the group chat or exit the group chat.

3. The deadline for team formation is March 19. After March 19, teams cannot be formed, and new team members cannot be added to the formed teams.

Note: the payment to the store refers to the Alipay payment made by the user to the merchant from the entity store in Alipay online, and the amount of the payment for the single order is greater than or equal to 2 yuan, except for the payment completed by the client.