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What about Xiamen annual travel ticket? How much? Can outsiders do it? Handling methods and free sce

Xiamen is a city with beautiful island scenery. In recent years, it has attracted many foreign tourists to Xiamen, and many foreigners have come to Xiamen to work and settle down. Now many cities have launched Tourism Year cards, which are very favorable and convenient for urban tourism. So how much is the annual travel card fee for Xiamen in 2019? How to apply for Xiamen annual travel card and what procedures are needed? Can outsiders apply for Xiamen Tourism Year card? This article will introduce the handling requirements of Xiamen tourism annual card and the introduction of free scenic spots.

The following 18 scenic spots are free, and one card can play unlimited times:

Xiamen botanical garden, Hulishan fort, Lujiang night tour, Yuandang elegant tour, Southern Fujian charm and Olympic Museum

Gulangyu shell dream world, Gulangyu Haitian hall structure, Gulangyu Foreign Cultural Relics Museum of the Forbidden City

Huiheshi Cultural Park, Xiamen Garden Expo Garden, Chengyi science and Technology Exploration Center

Xiamen laoyuanzi Folk Culture Park, Tong'an film and Television City, Tong'an Beichen mountain

Tongan Jinguang lake, hero three islands battlefield sightseeing park, Xiaodeng leisure fishing village

(newly added and temporarily cancelled): Tongan top family, Luohanshan mountain, Jimei Jiageng Theater

Pick up the computer and calculate. The tickets for the above 18 scenic spots will be 1500 yuan faster! Now a card, all free to play! Is it worth the fare every minute? More than 100000 Xiamen people are using it!

Difference between the two cards: the functions of the two cards are the same, and the only difference is that the handlers are different. The annual travel card of Xiamen is handled by individuals, and the outdoor sports card is handled by the unit trade union.

How much is the card handling fee: the basic annual fee package is 130 yuan / year / card, and the card handling fee and account management fee are exempted.

Where to handle it: all service outlets of China Construction Bank in Xiamen can handle it; If more than 20 people in the unit apply for the card, they can make an appointment by telephone.

Who can handle it? What information do you need?

Xiamen tourism annual card

(1) registered residence in Fujian Province: the original identity card is held by the resident (residence registration book for minors), and the guardian is required to provide the guardian's identity card and guardianship certificate.

(2) Taiwan residents: hold their "Taiwan residents' pass to and from the mainland" (valid for five years) and have two or more round-trip records through Xiamen port. When handling, you must bring one original and one copy of your certificate, and one recent 1-inch bareheaded color photo (212 * 171 pixel electronic version in JPGE format).

(3) Residents with Xiamen residence permit: hold their own residence permit and ID card. When handling, they must bring one original and one copy of the certificate.

(4) Students in full-time colleges and technical secondary schools in Fujian Province: hold their own student card and ID card. When handling, they must bring one original and one copy of the certificate.

(5) Foreigners (only for senior management talents): hold the original and copy of my valid certificate, the original of the company certificate, and one recent 1-inch bareheaded (212 * 171 pixel electronic version in JPGE format).

Xiamen outdoor sports card:

(1) For the on-the-job personnel of Xiamen government organs and institutions, the expenses shall be paid by the special fund for outdoor sports card of the unit's labor union;

(2) For the on-the-job personnel of enterprises in Xiamen, the expenses shall be paid by the welfare expenses of the unit trade union;

(3) One immediate relative can be handled through the unit trade union and included in the trade union fee;

(4) The outdoor sports card must be handled by the trade union of the unit.

Validity period of two cards:

The annual card will take effect after it is successfully handled and recharged at the on-site outlets, and the validity period is 1 year (from the recharge date to the day before the next year's month to month). The validity period can be found in the annual card scenic spot, outlets of Xiamen Construction Bank, ATM machines, self-service terminals, STM, online banking and mobile banking. During the validity period, cardholders can visit the annual card scenic spot (points) for unlimited times.

Hotline: 4000918168 or all outlets of CCB