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Will Starbucks cat scratch cup be replenished and resold? Can Starbucks cat scratch cup be genuine t

recently, the peripheral product 'cat claw Cup' sold by Starbucks has undoubtedly become the hottest single product in recent days. Not only the previously sold cat claw cup was immediately snapped up, but also the cat claw cup was sold at a high price on some platforms. The cat claw cup with an official price of 199 yuan was sold at a sky high price of thousands of yuan on other platforms. It can be seen that everyone is obsessed with this cat claw cup. So many people are concerned about whether the Starbucks cat claw cup will be replenished and resold? Can I buy genuine cat claw cup through other channels? This article has brought you specific news. Let's have a look.

After being snapped up offline and online, Starbucks sold 3000 'cat claw cups' at its tmall flagship store at 3 p.m. on the 1st, but they were sold out instantly after sale.

Screenshot of website sold out immediately after sale

In fact, this glass has attracted much attention before.

When the 'cat claw Cup' was only sold offline, an online video showed that someone 'lined up all night' or even 'fought' to buy the cup.

Subsequently, the cup with the original price of 199 yuan was fried to nearly 1000 yuan online.

On February 28, Starbucks launched 1000 "cat claw cups" at the original price in tmall flagship store, but they were sold out in a "very short time".

Screenshot of Starbucks' cat claw Cup 'Starbucks China's official microblog

In the early morning of March 1st, Starbucks China challenged WeChat's official account of the cat's paw cup, saying that this is not the so-called &lsquo. Hunger Marketing & rsquo;, ' Cat claw Cup 'is no different from the previous market plan of other new products.

Although the voice of online questioning is getting louder and louder, it has not stopped consumers' enthusiasm for rush buying. The reporter noticed on an Internet shopping platform that the price of 'cat claw Cup' has reached 2500 yuan.

The price of cat claw cup has been fried online to 2500 yuan. Screenshot of mobile phone

From the public information of 'Starbucks China', a total of 4000 'cat claw cups' sold on February 28 and March 1 are still an additional ordering and preparation plan' formulated as far as possible '.

'starbucks China 'also said that it was unexpected that' one cup is hard to find '. In order to give every customer a fair purchase opportunity, this product' does not have any form of internal purchase 'and' specially selects a more open and transparent third-party online retail platform for sale '.

Screenshot of Starbucks' cat claw Cup 'Starbucks China's official microblog

At the same time, 'Starbucks China' said that it 'will not encourage or participate in any online speculation', and reminded consumers to carefully screen and purchase.

It is worth mentioning that the reporter noticed in the introduction of "cat claw Cup" in Starbucks tmall flagship store that the "cat claw Cup" on sale today is the "last 3000". At the same time, the purchase of one ID is limited. Consumers must pay within 15 minutes after photographing the goods, otherwise the system will automatically close the transaction.

Starbucks customer service staff later confirmed to reporters that after the 3000 were sold, 'there should be no replenishment'.

This means that this' net red 'cat claw Cup' can no longer be bought through official channels.