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What about pollen allergy? How to deal with and prevent pollen allergy? Dietary recommendations to a

It's time for everything to recover and flowers to bloom. Spring is the season with the most flowers. Many people will go outing and enjoy the flowers at this time, but many people who are allergic to pollen are not very comfortable at this time. A lot of pollen will be scattered in the air this season. Therefore, people who are allergic to pollen may be allergic even if they don't go to places with flowers after staying outside for a long time. So what about pollen allergy? What can you eat to alleviate the symptoms of pollen allergy? In addition to timely response after allergy, early prevention is also very important, so how to prevent pollen allergy? The editor of this article will talk to you about the coping methods of pollen allergy and the measures to prevent pollen allergy.

Drink green tea

Green tea can alleviate pollen allergy, because green tea is rich in catechins, which can resist pollen to a certain extent. Some people with pollen allergy can drink green tea.

yogurt drink

Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can reduce the symptoms of pollen allergy.

Buckwheat tea

Buckwheat tea is also a good choice. Buckwheat is actually a kind of polyphenols, which is rich in rutin. Rutin can inhibit the excessive secretion of histamine and prevent allergy. But people who are allergic to buckwheat should not drink buckwheat tea.

lemon juice

Vitamin C contained in lemon can inhibit allergic reactions, but lemon peel is said to have a better anti allergic effect. When drinking, you can slice lemon, make carbonated water with mint leaves and honey, which can not only resist allergy, but also let you taste delicious.

Mint tea

Peppermint contains peppermint polyphenols with anti allergic effect. Drinking it every day can improve people's particularly painful symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose and so on.

Measures to prevent allergy

Don't stay outdoors for a long time

Stay outdoors as little as possible during the day, especially when the pollen index is high every day, such as the evening on a sunny day. When doing outdoor activities and various sports, try to choose when the pollen index is low, such as early morning, late night, or after a shower.

wear glasses

Wearing glasses can reduce the chance of your eyes being affected, so you might as well use glasses with lenses instead of contact lenses, or wear sunglasses when you go out.

change one's clothes

If you go out when the pollen index is high, remember to put on clean clothes when you come back.

Avoid allergic season

I like to travel in spring. If I'm allergic, I'd better not go to places with flowers and plants. I might as well go to the seaside for vacation.

Close the doors and windows

At home, close the doors and windows during the day to prevent pollen from entering and causing allergies.

Do not hang clothes outdoors

As far as possible, dry clothes indoors (preferably with a dryer). Do not dry clothes outdoors, otherwise clothes, sheets and bed sheets are easy to be contaminated with pollen.


If the symptoms are serious, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the doctor will give you stronger drugs such as sodium cromoglycate and oral hormones.

Allergy is a troublesome and painful thing. It is an ideal way to avoid allergens. In addition, you can also try the above foods to alleviate the symptoms of allergy. If allergic symptoms are serious, drug treatment is the most rapid and effective.