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What is seven full? What are the benefits of eating 7 points full? Four benefits of eating seven poi

In life, people often hear that eating seven full is conducive to weight loss, but in fact, even if you don't lose weight, eating seven full is beneficial and harmless. With the improvement of living conditions, many people care more about not whether they are full, but whether they eat healthily. So what are the benefits of eating seven full? The editor of this article will give you an example of the benefits of eating seven points full.

7 points fullness is such a feeling: Although the mouth has not been satisfied, the stomach has actually absorbed enough nutrition, but the feeling of fullness has not been transmitted to the brain. At this time, as long as you stop eating, the brain will soon receive the signal of satiety, which can effectively inhibit appetite.

What are the benefits of 7 points full?

1. Help to lose weight. We all know that overeating is easy to get fat. When you are full at 7 points, your mouth is still not full at the beginning, but the nutrition required by your body is enough. Eating more will lead to excessive nutritional intake. In the long run, fat will naturally accumulate and cause obesity, and 7 points is just right.

2. Help the brain. Many people say why being full at 7 points has an impact on the brain, because after we eat, most of the blood flows into the intestines to help digestion. If we eat too much, it is easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Over time, it will affect the normal brain metabolism. It is recommended not to eat too full at every meal and just keep the state of being full at 7 points.

3. Avoid losing spirit. We all have this feeling. After eating, we will feel sleepy, unable to lift our spirits and want to sleep. When the brain is in a state of hypoxia, people's mental state will not be very good, but if you are only 7 full, the blood in the brain is still sufficient, which will not have much impact on work and study.

4. Avoid intestinal problems. There is a kind of skin cell on our gastric mucosa, which has a short survival time and needs to be repaired in two or three days. If you eat very full every day, it will cause skin cell damage too fast. In the long run, the replacement time of skin cells is not enough, which destroys the gastric mucosa and easily leads to gastrointestinal diseases. 7 points full is just good to avoid such problems.

7 points full is easy to say, but it may not be possible to do. First, we should master the time of eating. Don't wait until we are very hungry. Generally, we start eating when we feel a little hungry. It's best to fix a time every day to form a rule.

Secondly, when eating, you should chew carefully and swallow slowly. Don't wolf down. The time should be controlled at about 20 minutes to give your mouth and intestines enough time to adapt.

It's best to choose some fresh vegetables and fruits, or coarse grains. These are foods that need to be chewed fully, which will naturally eat much less if the eating time is prolonged.