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How can Swarovski bracelets tell the true from the false? These methods help you know the Pearl

How can Swarovski bracelets tell the true from the false? These methods help you know the Pearl Swarovski is a well-known jewelry brand. Swarovski little bee bracelet is very popular, and there are many fakes. We must look carefully when buying. How to distinguish the true and false of Swarovski bee bracelet? Let's have a look.

How to identify the authenticity of Swarovski bee Bracelet

(1) Genuine Swarovski Purity: clear and transparent, without bubbles, impurities and defects.

(2) Genuine Swarovski cutting: different cutting methods, different refraction effects, poor cutting or even no luster. The biggest feature of Swarovski crystal is its advanced cutting technology. The more cutting surfaces of the crystal, the more luminous, the more flashing, the more shining, like a diamond effect. Moreover, the cutting line is sharp, and the cutting facet is smooth without any fine lines. The particle size is absolutely equal, unlike the general crystal cutting line, it has a round feeling. It feels dull.

(3) Genuine Swarovski color: good crystal color is pure, showing a very obvious rainbow color in the light or sunlight.

(4) Genuine Swarovski light transmittance: Swarovski crystal has light transmittance unmatched by other ordinary crystals or natural crystals.

(5) The most direct way is to get the Swarovski crystal counter for inspection or the Swarovski Shanghai Branch.

(6) Genuine Swarovski certificates are generally available in many languages. Most countries have them. The signature of Helmut Swarovski will be printed behind each language. Finally, there will be the telephone and address of all offices around the world and e-mail.

(7) General trinkets are probably afraid of being damaged during transportation. There will be a sponge gasket on the box and a flannelette wrapped gasket on the brooch. However, the necklace is fixed with rubber bands at the front and rear, so there is no gasket, but the box is very exquisite. In addition, Genuine Swarovski products have unique numbers. You can check it on the official website.

Swarovski bee Bracelet size introduction

Swarovski bracelets have no size, they are all about 17cm, and this bracelet can't be adjusted.

The bracelet interface is through the use of invisible magnetic interface, with a length of 17.5cm. This design is very flexible. If you still have Shi Jiatong's gold-plated chain with magnetic interface, you can string it into a necklace to wear. This gold-plated chain works well with white shirts, white T and so on in spring and summer.

How do Swarovski bees maintain

1. any SWAROVSKI jewelry "bathing, fitness, swimming, sleeping, spraying perfume, hair gel, cosmetics (such as hand cream, sunscreen, skin care products)" must be removed.

2. The last step is to wear Swarovski's jewelry and dress up after going out every day and completing all the makeup. After you go home, just like removing your makeup, please remove the jewelry at the first time, wipe it gently from the pendant to the chain with a 'cotton texture' dry soft cloth, and then put it into the original box. The original box is the best matrix for maintenance.

3. It's best not to throw away the outer package. If maintenance is involved, the outer package also needs to be provided (of course, if the outer package is lost, the store also accepts maintenance), but in order to maintain the safety during transportation, it is best to "keep the outer package intact". All Swarovski's simulated jewelry are global in nature. However, its promise to customers is limited to the supplement of crystal falling off. Even if the falling off cannot be found, there are accessories to inlay for you. However, any metal part shall be maintained by the user himself.

4. A warranty card will be attached to the packaging box of each finished product sold. There will be a detailed Chinese nursing instruction on the first two pages of each warranty card. Customers can read the maintenance instructions before use. As long as the maintenance steps described in the booklet (i.e. the above steps) are followed, the metal part of Swarovski simulated jewelry is not prone to any oxidation and fracture.