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Who is the star with the largest number of Weibo fans in 2019

Who is the star with the largest number of Weibo fans in 2019 now is the era of fan economy. A wave microblog is the gathering place of domestic stars and fans, so the popularity of a star has a certain relationship with the number of fans. Let's take a look at the 2019 star microblog fan list.

According to the third-party monitoring data, Xie Na has more than 100 million fans on the list of star microblog fans, which is worthy of being the champion of the popularity list. In recent years, in addition to "happy camp", Xie Na participated in "here we are". In 2017, he presided over the children's intellectual and interesting talent talk show "magical children"; Subsequently, he joined the star cross-border music reality show "cross-border singer Season 2" as a replacement singer and won the runner up. Everyone has their own views on Xie Na's evaluation. Some people say that if she doesn't have enough ink in her belly, she will only laugh wildly. More importantly, there is a public fan who likes her non crazy and non magic laughter and her warm smile like the sun. In the eyes of fans, she will always be the 'Sun Goddess', a well deserved microblog queen.

In the second place is Mr. He Jue he of happy camp, with 92.5955 million microblog fans. He is not only a humorous and wise teacher he on the TV screen, but also a friend we can't forget in our youth. In recent years, the most popular is angelababy, who has become the most popular young actress in the entertainment industry with the help of the large-scale reality show "run brothers". After marrying the leader of Huang religion, her popularity has increased greatly. At present, the number of microblog fans is as high as 85.565 million, second only to he Jiong and Xie Na. Chen Kun's number of films has decreased in the past two years, but he still ranks as the 'first brother in the mainland', with 82.2418 million microblog fans, ranking fourth. After Zhao Wei became popular with "huanzhu gege", the "little swallow" Zhao Wei soared to the sky and has maintained a high popularity so far!

Film, television, singing and directing have developed in an all-round way and are quite outstanding, making her a star who has won the best and most popular awards in the four fields of film, television and song directing. In 2017, she participated in Chinese restaurant with her old friend Huang Xiaoming. At present, she has 80.9154 million fans, ranking fifth. Yao Chen, the former champion of the popularity list, currently has 80.0673 million fans, ranking seventh. The famous work "biography of Wulin", a well-known sitcom, makes contemporary young people seem to find room to release. The classic dialogue in the play has become a popular online language. This may be the happy tune played by the youth of the times and the pleasant note for the dull and tense urban atmosphere.