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How to downgrade ios12.1.3 official version

How to downgrade ios12.1.3 official version Recently, apple officially launched the update of the official version of IOS 12.1.3. Many friends said that the official version of IOS 12.1.3 is not easy to use, so how to downgrade the upgraded official version of IOS 12.1.3? Let's take a look at the official version of IOS 12.1.3 downgrade tutorial.

IOS 12.1.3 official downgrade tutorial

First of all, the degradation is similar to the brushing machine, which needs the help of computers and brushing tools, which is relatively troublesome. If you don't encounter something that particularly affects the experience, it is not recommended to downgrade the brush.

For those who need to be demoted, Xiaobian also briefly introduces the following steps:

1. First of all, the brushing opportunity leads to data loss. If there is important data on the IOS device, such as address book, photos, app, etc., please back up the important data in advance to avoid loss and facilitate recovery after successful brushing.

2. At present, the official version of ios12.1.3 can only be downgraded to the official versions of ios12.1.1 and ios12.1.2, and other versions cannot be downgraded. With the official release of IOS 12.1.3, the verification channel of IOS 12.1.1 will also be closed. Users who like this version should hurry to downgrade. Once this version verification is closed, they will not be able to downgrade to this version in the future.

3. There are two main ways to brush the machine. One is to use Apple's official iTunes tool to brush the machine for degradation (high security, but you need to manually download firmware), and the other is to use third-party brush tools, such as PP and aise (the operation is relatively simple and supports one click brush, which can avoid the trouble of downloading firmware).

4. Take iTunes tool as an example to introduce the general steps of brushing the machine:

ITunes brush downgrade method: 1. First download ios12 firmware for the model in the computer. For example, at present, the official version is downgraded, and only ios12.1.1/2 official version firmware can be downloaded; 2. Connect the IOS device that needs to brush to the computer through its own mobile phone data cable, and trust and authorize to connect to the computer; 3. Open the latest iTunes tools installed on your computer. If you have important data, it is recommended to complete the data backup first. 4. After the data backup is completed, press' Shift + update 'in the iTunes main interface, and then select to open the downloaded firmware, as shown in the figure;

5. After that, the operation will be handed over to the iTunes tool to complete it automatically. During the degradation process, please do not operate the computer and IOS device until the brush is completed, so as not to interrupt the upgrade and cause the device to turn brick.