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600 words after the first lesson of CCTV, 600 words after the first lesson of 2019

The first lesson of school is a large-scale public welfare program cooperated by the Ministry of education and CCTV. Since 2008, the Ministry of education has worked closely with CCTV to launch the first lesson at the beginning of the new school year every year. Here are a few comments on the first lesson at the beginning of school. Let's study together!

The first lesson of 2019 (I)

There are two schools in our family. My mother is a serious school and my father is an easy school. For how to educate me, they always have their own set and do not give in to each other.

My mother seems to attach great importance to my study and character. In my study, she always told me: 'do your homework seriously and check carefully, but don't be careless!' If she has time, she will help me check my homework and point out the mistakes for correction. She also helps me buy all kinds of exercise books from time to time, which gives me the opportunity to learn more knowledge. She often says, 'if the knife is not worn fast, the brain will rust if it is not used.' Alas, in order to keep my brain from rusting, the more I use it, the more flexible I am. I had to finish the homework assigned by the teacher and then overcome the problems in various guidance books bought by my mother. If compared with learning, my mother's concern for my morality is no less than learning. She taught me to be a hardworking, brave and cultured child. She always thought that children also have hands and should do their own things. Therefore, when I was very young, I learned to comb my hair, braid and clean the room. Mother said, 'a promising person must have perseverance, ability and knowledge.' Mother's education is serious, so she is definitely a serious school.

My father is different. With my father, I can put aside my homework and be comfortable. When playing chess, it was dark. Playing badminton for a while, laughter spread all over the cement floor at the door of my house. Dad often says, 'if a person wants to live, he can only do his homework. That's a nerd.' Because my parents have different views on my education, they always have some arguments.

However, although they have different views, my parents love me as much as they do. Mother always said, 'a child is a piece of white paper, and parents are a pen. She paints whatever you paint her. " So my white paper is becoming more and more colorful with the careful daubing of my parents.

The first lesson of 2019 (II)

With the opening of school approaching, the first lesson of 2016 was recorded on CCTV last night. Unlike in the past, children play the leading role. This year, parents and children become the leading role in the classroom. The theme of the first class this year is' parents taught me '. Parents are the first role models of children's life. They teach their children by words and deeds, teach their children to be filial to their parents, be polite, love life, be strong and brave. On September 1, more than 200 million primary and secondary school students across the country will join their parents, the same as the first lesson at the beginning of school.

Chapter 1 filial piety

☆ head teacher: Zhang Quanling

☆ Lecturer: Zheng Yuanjie, king of fairy tales

Last night, fairy tale King Zheng Yuanjie stepped onto the stage and immediately caused the children to scream. Zheng Yuanjie said that when he first wrote Pipilu's biography, the pen still had ink after three days. After a whole week, the pen still had ink. One day when I was sleeping, I heard a sound in the study. Only then did I find that my father was filling his pen. Zheng Yuanjie said that for this reason, he wrote the fairy tale king for 30 years. " To make my father happy '.

Parents should pay attention to physical education for their children, which is family education. Zheng Yuanjie said that in 1986, he bought a right angle flat screen TV with a relationship. He took his son Zheng Yaqi to borrow a friend's car to pull a color TV. Zheng Yaqi asked him: Dad, where are we going? Zheng Yuanjie said: TV should be pulled to grandparents' homes. He said that at that time, he couldn't say a more advanced TV name, so he said to his son, "Grandpa and grandma are old, and we still have the opportunity to watch atomic bomb TV in the future." A few days later, he went to the market and bought prawns. He told Zheng Yaqi that he was allergic to prawns in order to make his son eat more. Zheng Yaqi said, "Zheng Yuanjie, you eat. I have every chance to eat atomic bomb shrimp in the future!"

Lecture 2 ceremony

☆ head teacher: Wang Xiaoya

☆ Lecturer: Joey Yung

Accompanied by soft music, Joey Yung stepped onto the stage. She was the guest speaker of the second class. Joey Yung said that children who are polite and polite will be popular. Her mother taught her to take care of herself cleanly and to have rules for food. We can't eat until our elders come. We can't turn around. Many small habits benefit Joey Yung all his life.

Joey Yung said that when she was a child, she didn't like dolls. She liked stepping on puddles with her brother on rainy days. It was great to see the rain splashing on pedestrians. But her mother told her to consider other people's feelings. These mother's teachings are the family style. " Be a popular person and a civilized and polite person. Start now. " Joey Yung did not forget to remind the children.

Lesson 3 love

☆ head teacher: he Jiong

☆ Lecturer: Qin Yong

At the beginning of everyone's life, parents are the starting point of love and love education.

Yesterday, Qin Yong, the former lead singer of the Panther band, was the guest speaker of the third class. He said that in 1996, his son big Pearl was born. However, unexpectedly, four years later, big Pearl was diagnosed with severe emotional imbalance. For a long time, big pearl could not speak and was indifferent to everything around him. Qin Yong felt that the sky was falling down. Qin Yong said, 'since you can't change the past, change his future with love'.

Qin Yong's efforts to be a good father of big pearl are not easy. The simple job of tying shoes alone takes thousands of times more time than other children. In summer, Qin Yong taught big pearl the English word we, but he still couldn't learn it after teaching it for 3 hours. Knowing that cycling is the best training for sensory coordination, Qin Yong began a long practice with his son. When big Pearl finally got on the bike and rode for a short time, Qin Yong, who has always been strong, couldn't help but shed tears on his man, 'I've firmly believed that he can learn anything from that day on'.