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Singer 2019 8th song list singer 2019 8th Amoy contestant

"Singer 2019" is on the air. Now the ranking of the seventh issue has come out. Many netizens are concerned about what the eighth issue of singer 2019 is? Who was eliminated in the eighth issue of singer 2019?

Singer 2019 8th album

1. Men's Troupe "I want to say I love you"

2. The heart of the earth by Wu Qingfeng

3. Liu Huan's "the departed" + "feeling and resentment"

4. Happy face by Qi Yu

5、Polina Gagarina《 Спектакль окончен》

6. Yang Naiwen's tour in the waves

7. Yang Kun "really care"

8. Sacrifice to the world by Xu Jingyun

9. Nothing at all

The eighth issue of singer 2019 will be broadcast on March 1. As the only music variety reality show in the first quarter of 2019, although the ratings of singer are not satisfactory, it is still very high in terms of attention and topic volume. It is a frequent visitor to the hot search list every Friday!

Now, some entertainment bloggers have published the song list of the eighth issue of singer. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. This time, many singers have changed their song selection style. However, the song of the men's group has become the focus of attention, because this time they chose a Japanese song, the classic animation slam dunk master The theme song of 80 and 90 can't be more familiar with. When it is broadcasted at that time, there will be childhood memories, and the sound will enter the hearts of the people. Every such performance style of the men's troupe has never been seen in the past program. It can be called amazing in the kicking link of the last issue. It must bring a different audio-visual feast this time!

Who will be eliminated in the eighth issue of 2019

It is impossible to predict which singer will be eliminated in the eighth issue of 2019. Viewers who want to know can watch the program on the evening of March 1!

The current "singer 2019" has also been broadcast for more than half, and the competition system has become more intense. It has officially entered the second half of the fight. Some time ago, the government has announced that the latest kicking singers are Xu Jingyun and Bi Shujin. Both of them are cutting-edge singers in the new generation of Chinese music. Being able to participate in this program has proved their strength.

Many viewers were quite surprised by the successful player "sound into the hearts of the people" in the last period, because they chose the theme song "I want to say I love you loudly" of the well-known animation "slam dunk master"!

As one of the quite classic works, this song can be said to be the "youth memory" of countless audiences. Penguin's "entertainment focus station" believes that if it is played properly, it will cause the "resonance" of a considerable number of audiences. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Yang Kun has also sung this moving song, another song, "until the end of the world".

At present, some people 'refute the rumor' that Mr. Yang Kun will only sing "really care" in issue 8, and there is no "string burning" in "it doesn't matter". The specific situation depends on the specific program broadcast that day. Of course, the selection of songs by other players is also very interesting. I don't know which song you expect most in issue 8?