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What is the name of tiktok?

What is the name of tiktok?

Four tiktok: tiktok tiktok also high streets and back lanes. Many songs are thrill and will be fired everywhere. Recently, there is a song that is not as good as a "song of the flesh under the bodhi tree". What's the name of this song? Let's have a look.

It is reported that the lyrics are from the song "prostitutes are not as good as prostitutes". The song is created and sung by Lao Fan next door. However, there is only a demo of this song on the Internet, which has not been officially released.

The famous prostitute only knew the top scholar Lang's 14 character heart, but she didn't know that the princess named on the golden list fell in love with the top scholar Lang at first sight, so she proposed to her father that she would marry him. The emperor looked at the princess's love for the first time, and as soon as she opened her mouth, she ordered to marry him. Everyone thought it was a great fortune for him to marry a beautiful princess as the Royal son-in-law, No one knows that the scholar sobbed at night. He still remembers the promise to a famous prostitute that day. He only wanted to marry her on the day of his return, but he didn't expect that things would happen. The famous prostitute didn't know that the letter fell into the hands of the princess that day. The princess couldn't tolerate the sand and wanted to order the arrest of the famous prostitute. The champion: don't let her die. As soon as the fourteen words fell, the scholar was overwhelmed with pain and silently covered his tears. He just sighed that everything is life. It's better not to meet and forget me. I will accompany you in the next life, even if you shave under the bodhi tree and become a monk, even if the sun breaks and the earth is bleeding. It's better to be with you

The prostitute told the general to marry me. He said her smile. I remember her smile all my life. The prostitute said her smile. I practiced all my life. She didn't want to be a prostitute. She didn't need guests to open a wine shop in the deep lane. But all this was defeated when he came to her again. That night, the general pinched the prostitute's neck with a gentle smile, but slowly spit out your coquettish dress. Who do you want to seduce? The prostitute smiled. You still don't understand me!

Lyrics introduction

Composer: Lao Fan next door

Lyrics: Lao Fan next door

After stepping on the green mountains, I was down yesterday

You help the pavilion play a green song

Remember the pain of last night

You say human suffering and life can't escape torture

Suffering life is becoming lonely day by day

I say everything is life, life is forced

Why don't you cut meat under the bodhi tree and feed it to the eagle

It's better to be a monk and cut off the seven emotions

It's better not to meet than not to meet

It's better to die

Sunshine is better than the earth without four seasons

It's better to be with you

It's better to be with you