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Fifth, how to use the skills of personality prospectors fifth, how to use the skills of personality

Fifth, how to use the skills of personality prospectors fifth, how to use the skills of personality prospectors the fifth personality is a game of the fire in the past two years, in which the prospector is a brand-new survivor, and his skill is a magnet, so how does the fifth personality prospector use his skill? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

1. Magnet: when the prospector throws a magnet on the target, there will be positive and negative poles. Magnets repel and eject people of the same polarity, and people of the different polarity attract each other, so explorers can be used to save people or sneak butchers. However, it should be noted that obstacles will be knocked out in the process of repulsion and attraction, so it must be used in an open place. The trigger is triggered every 30 seconds between two explorers. The trigger effect will depend on the magnetic pole state of the two people at that time.

2. Field survival: field survival increases by 20% in treatment, so if the prospector cooperates with the doctor or shelter talent, he can help the doctor help people faster. However, the prospector cannot use the syringe, so it can only be used for self-treatment.

3. Magnetic field interference: the prospector will interfere with the decoding, so the prospector cannot decode, otherwise it will be a fatal blow to his teammates. Explorers who can't decode can only be butchers or free men, but magnetic pole repulsion can quickly keep explorers away from regulators.

4. Magnetic attraction: The Explorer will trigger the effect every 60 seconds, and there will be 3 seconds of acceleration near the password machine or cabinet. Although the prospector cannot decode, he can use the position of the decoder to get rid of the pursuit of the regulator, because a 50% increase in speed will make the regulator catch up with the prospector.

Skills of explorers

1. It is better for the prospector to use the magnet in a relatively open place, because when they attract and repel each other, they will be knocked out by obstacles. If you meet a regulator at this time, you can't escape. When used in an open place, it can move quickly for at least a certain distance, whether it's pulling teammates or away from the supervisor.

2. Two explorers in a team will be very troublesome, because without communication, they can't know what magnetic poles each other is. If the magnetic pole is wrong and it is easy to suddenly hit an obstacle, it can only send a head to the regulator.

3. The self-healing speed of the prospector is very strong, so there is no need to worry about bleeding, so it can just offset the suppression effect of bleeding. Moreover, every student can get up quickly after clicking the absolute place, so the prospector doesn't have to worry about the operation of bleeding.

4. The prospector has a debuff to repair the machine, so the prospector should not disturb other teammates to repair the machine. In their spare time, explorers can repair the machine or even estimate the machine explosion to attract the attention of regulators.