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The world's top ten suspense and bizarre case documentaries are incredible enough to make you creepy

Now many people like to watch suspense and bizarre things, so bizarre case documentaries are also very popular. There are many strange events in the world, which makes people feel very curious and confused. Some directors have made these strange cases into documentaries, which are loved by many audiences. This article brings you documentary recommendations on the world's top ten bizarre cases. If you also like to watch suspense and bizarre events, come and have a look.

No10: Mystery Case of the Republic of China

The documentary tells about some unexplained cases during the period of the Republic of China. After reading it, it is thought-provoking. Of course, it can also let us know some little-known history of the Republic of China.

No9: complete history of outstanding cases

The documentary records the death history of some world-class celebrities, tells their performance before death, their symptoms after death, and makes a certain scientific analysis on the cause of their death.

No8: Mystery tracking

This documentary has a great leap forward. It tells some unexplained supernatural events in history. It is very scary and attractive.

No7: Mafia queen

This film is produced in Australia. It tells the history of how a group of women grow into killers who decide people's life and death in order to survive.

No6: my haunted house

This documentary can be called a huge thriller. It records how long it takes a person to enter the haunted house and how many strange things he will encounter before he can go out. It is very hot.

No5: uncover the truth

This documentary is a very long documentary, which is graded according to the characters to be told, and analyzes some past, legends and mystery cases of some famous figures in history.

No4: life and death row

Criminals are born all the time in the world. These criminals are old and young. This documentary analyzes the motives of these crimes.

No3: Royal truth

Every dynasty has an unknown dark history. This documentary tells some secret cases of royal families all over the world, and analyzes the situation at that time and the motivation of crime.

NO2: Joan Bennett pending case

This documentary tells the story of the death of a 6-year-old girl in a small town in the United States, which contains complex criminal techniques and unimaginable ethical relations.

No1: world shaking moment

This documentary presents some historical events all over the world in front of people through the camera. There are historical events and some anecdotes that are difficult to explain.