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Which apps are free of charge for credit cards? Fee free credit card app recommendation

Nowadays, many people like to use credit cards for consumption. Credit cards can enable people to advance future income for consumption when turnover is not open. However, there are service charges for returning credit cards on some platforms. Alipay has recently announced that it will receive a service charge from Alipay from March 26th. So which apps do not need to charge a handling fee for returning credit cards? This article will give you a platform recommendation for returning credit cards free of handling charges. Let's have a look.

1、 UnionPay cloud flash payment

In December 2017, China UnionPay and major commercial banks jointly launched the new mobile payment strategic product "cloud flash payment" app. " Cloud flash payment 'app is a unified mobile payment portal platform jointly developed, constructed, maintained and operated by commercial banks and UnionPay under the guidance of the people's Bank of China.

At present, in the cloud flash payment app, the service charge for returning credit cards continues to be free. At present, cloud flash payment supports the service charge free return of credit cards of most banks, such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications and so on.

Credit card repayment and transfer through the 'cloud flash payment' app are free, and credit card bill query is also provided.

2、 Online banking and app channels of major banks

Users directly repay through the app channels of major banks, which are free of handling charges. Taking China Merchants Bank app as an example, China Merchants Bank's all-in-one card directly repays to China Merchants Bank's credit card without handling charges. At present, China Merchants Bank app and handheld life app, the two major apps of China Merchants Bank, support credit card free repayment.