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What are the gifts for Dragon Boat Festival

What are the gifts for Dragon Boat Festival China's annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming. It's also the best time for relatives and friends to protect each other and send gifts. Many people are worried about giving gifts for the festival. What's the most suitable thing for Dragon Boat Festival? Let's see what's the best gift for Dragon Boat Festival with Sihai Xiaobian.

The most popular gift of Dragon Boat Festival

Traditional Dragon Boat Festival gift -- zongzi

Dragon Boat Festival is the most important festival in summer in China. Dragon boat race and eating zongzi are the traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival. People wrap zongzi before Dragon Boat Festival, and present zongzi as gifts to each other, share zongzi, celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, and welcome the turn of the year to summer. Zongzi, as a gift for Dragon Boat Festival employees, not only reflects the characteristics of the festival, but also is the first choice of gifts for Dragon Boat Festival.

Free choice of Dragon Boat Festival gifts -- gift cards, gift books

In addition to traditional zongzi, fruits, vegetables and other foods, you can also choose some of the most popular Dragon Boat Festival gift books and gift cards. These high-end products simply give the choice of products to your recipients, and you don't have to worry about whether the products you choose will not like them.

A unique gift for Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival gifts can choose health drinks. As China's first "0-added" filling of sour plum soup beverage, it is made of four materials, namely black plum, hawthorn, liquorice and osmanthus. It is not added with any food additives. It is popular among health-seeking people. Meilefang without stomach has become a new popular and rare natural health drink.

The best gift for Dragon Boat Festival -- take yourself home

It's the best time for us to get together with our relatives who are thousands of miles away. If you can, please take yourself home. It's better than thousands of other Dragon Boat Festival gifts. Such a Dragon Boat Festival gift is beautiful, happy and full of gratitude.

5. The most appropriate gift for Dragon Boat Festival -- chrysanthemum honey in juzitang

Juzitang chrysanthemum honey is made of Hangzhou foetus chrysanthemum, natural honey, wolfberry, white sugar and top-grade liquorice. The traditional formula is combined with modern technology, high-temperature filling, instantaneous sterilization technology and honey. It is 100% natural without any food additives. After drinking, it is very thirsty, throat and throat.

6. Warm Dragon Boat Festival gift -- flowers

Dragon Boat Festival gifts can also send flowers to send affection. In this festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, the flowers that are suitable for giving as gifts are: Jianlan, Longchuan flower, wenxinlan and yellow lily. Because their corresponding flower words are: the flower words of Jianlan: to avoid evil, to control disaster, to be strong in character; the flower words of longchuanhua: to fight against each other; the flower words of wenxinlan: to be happy; the flower words of huanglily: to be happy, to be happy. Flowers are more suitable as gifts for foreign employees or young and fashionable employees.

7. Perfect partner for Dragon Boat Festival gifts -- plum blossom soup in meilefang + chrysanthemum honey in juzitang

Meilefang sour plum soup can relieve heat and appetizer, quench thirst, remove greasiness, reduce liver fire and regulate stomach. Chrysanthemum honey can quench thirst, benefit throat, throat and nourish eyes. Meilefang plum soup and juzitang chrysanthemum honey are rare health drink partners. It is also a health gift for relatives and friends during the Dragon Boat Festival.

8. Practical gifts for Dragon Boat Festival -- daily necessities

Dragon Boat Festival gift can also be used as a practical daily necessities for Dragon Boat Festival staff gift, but also a more common unit staff Dragon Boat Festival gift. For example, household washing and bathing products, grain and oil, etc., can also be given home textiles, small household appliances, etc., and some specialty food products can also be used as gifts for Dragon Boat Festival employees.

The gift of Dragon Boat Festival with national characteristics -- folk arts and crafts

Relatives and friends are the most familiar people with us. For our friends, besides zongzi, we can also send some special small gifts, such as sachets, sachets and other unique folk crafts. Although the gifts are very small, they are usually very small and exquisite. The most important thing is whether they are very expensive. For a big festival like Dragon Boat Festival, visiting each other can deepen their friendship and get along better.

10. Healthy Dragon Boat Festival gift -- tea ceremony

Besides the Dragon Boat Festival gift zongzi is the first choice, Dragon Boat Festival employees can also send tea to health. In ancient North China, people like to collect tender leaves to make tea. Drinking tea at Dragon Boat Festival is good for health. Eating zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival is greasy and easy to accumulate. Drinking tea can promote digestion and reduce greasiness. Tea as a gift for Dragon Boat Festival, both on the grade and affordable.