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When will Wuhan cherry blossoms open in 2019? Introduction to the flowering period of Wuhan cherry b

When will Wuhan cherry blossoms open in 2019? Introduction to the flowering period of Wuhan cherry blossoms it has been spring for some time. Every spring, many friends go to enjoy the flowers. When it comes to the word cherry blossoms in the minds of many friends of Wuhan University, when will the cherry blossoms bloom? Let's have a look.

When will the cherry blossoms bloom in Wuhan in 2019

The cherry blossoms of Wuhan University are the most famous. It is also because of Wuhan's unique geographical environment that most people still choose to watch them in spring. Due to its proximity to the East Lake and low temperature, the cherry blossoms in the East Lake cherry garden are slightly delayed compared with those in Wuhan University in the city center. The first flowering period is around March 17 and the full flowering period is around March 20.

Cherry blossom period: around March 15

Cherry blossom period: March 18-28

Late flowering period of cherry blossom: early April

What are the flowers in Wuhan in early March

There are still many flowers in the Spring Festival in Wuhan. There are several special representative flowers. Plum blossom is the most famous flower in Wuhan. Plum blossom is the city flower in Wuhan. As one of the 'four gentlemen' of flowers, plum is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. In Chinese traditional culture, plum gives people an incentive to work hard with its noble, strong and modest character.

Orchid is also a kind of unique flower. It is also the favorite flower of many people. It is more elegant. Orchid is a famous flower with fragrance, which has the characteristics of high purity and elegance. Ancient and modern celebrities highly evaluate it and are known as the gentleman in the flower.

Peach blossom is a necessary flower for the Spring Festival. It symbolizes a good husband and wife. There are many peach flowers in Wuhan. Seeing peach blossoms in spring is a great choice for many spring outings. Peach blossoms in Wuhan began to bloom in early March and can be seen until April. Peach blossoms bloom. That artistic conception is really beautiful.