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Do you often stay up late to lose hair

Do you often stay up late to lose hair now people's pace of life is speeding up, and more and more friends stay up late. I don't know that staying up late is harmful but not beneficial. What are the hazards of staying up late? Do you stay up late to lose hair? Come and have a look if you often stay up late!

Will you lose your hair if you stay up late

There is no doubt that staying up late will lead to hair loss. Now many young people lose their hair because of staying up late.

We should know that the health of hair needs sufficient nutrients, and the nutrients needed by hair are provided through the microvessels under the scalp. Staying up late will make the body tired for a long time, thus affecting the supply of nutrients. Naturally, hair will fall off, white hair and other problems.

Will the hair that stays up late still grow

The hair that stays up late still grows. Hair follicle necrosis will prevent hair from growing. Staying up late will not cause permanent damage to hair follicles. Of course, hair loss caused by staying up late can grow again.

What are the hazards of staying up late

1、 Gastrointestinal problems

People who stay up late deprive the gastrointestinal tract of the opportunity to rest, resulting in peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, functional dyspepsia, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, etc.

2、 Induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

When staying up late, people are in a tense state and can't relax, resulting in abnormal vasoconstriction. The blood pressure is higher than that of normal people, which is easy to induce hypertension or aggravate the disease. Now the incidence rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is increasing and becoming younger and younger.

3、 Increased risk of cancer

Staying up late will disorder the level of endocrine hormones, cause abnormal cell metabolism, affect the normal division of human cells, lead to cell mutation, and improve the risk of cancer.

5、 Take away good eyesight

Staying up late is tantamount to overloaded eye use. The damage to the eyes is not only to become 'panda black circles', but more importantly, staying up late for a long time and overloaded eye use will lead to decreased visual function.

6、 Insomnia and depression

Staying up late also hurts the body and mind. Many young people don't sleep at night, feel sleepy during the day, have neurasthenia and other problems, and even lead to depression.

7、 Serious skin injury

Irregular sleep and stress will affect endocrine metabolism, cause skin moisture loss, and easily lead to wrinkles, dull skin, long acne, aggravation of dark circles, etc., especially after makeup.

When you have to stay up late, being prepared can minimize the damage to your body: