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I believe you're a ghost. I believe you're a ghost

I believe you're a ghost. I believe you're a ghost

Tiktok tiktok: a lot of Internet language is being fired. What can I see when I hear you in the latest voice? From where? Let's have a look.

What kind of stem is' I believe you ghost '

As a word of Internet language, it is a common universal Tucao language. The complete saying is, 'I believe you are a ghost. You make complaints about this bad old man.

Where's the source of 'I believe you ghost'

The word comes from the self-report of a delivery boy in an online funny video: when I was eight years old, I met a fortune teller who said that when I was 24, I would wear yellow robes and have big fish and meat for every meal. I believe you ghost. You bad old man is very bad. It's really TM accurate.

'I believe you ghost' expression bag

After the word became popular, it was made into a relevant expression package by netizens, which was warmly sought after by everyone, and was widely used and reproduced.

'I believe you a ghost' related piece

a: Why make a wish? If God knows your wish, he will know what to do with you.

b: No wonder the wish doesn't work when it's said. God, you bad old man is very bad.