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What are the lantern festivals in Xi'an? Details of Lantern Festival activities in Xi'an

in a few days, it will be the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. Watching flower lanterns and eating Lantern Festival are essential customs of the Lantern Festival. On the Lantern Festival, every place will hold Lantern Festival Lantern Festival. So what Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern Festival are there in Xi'an this year? This article brings you a detailed list of Lantern Festival Lantern Festival activities. Are you ready to participate in the Lantern Festival's bustling Lantern Festival activities?

Where is the 2019 Xi'an Lantern Festival Lantern Festival? Schedule of time and place of the 2019 Xi'an Lantern Festival Lantern Festival

There are four Lantern Festival lantern festivals in Xi'an in 2019, namely the City Wall Lantern Festival, Huaqing Palace Lantern Festival, Datang Furong garden Lantern Festival and Shiyuan Spring Festival Folk Lantern Festival.

Schedule of time and place of 2019 Xi'an city wall New Year Lantern Festival

Activity time: January 28 to March 10, 2019

Venue: small South Gate, Yongning gate and Heping gate of Xi'an city wall

Event tickets:

Weekday ticket: 60 yuan / person (pre-sale ticket: 54 yuan / person)

Time: January 28 - February 4, 2019 (from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to new year's Eve); February 21 - March 10, 2019 (from the 17th day of the first lunar month to the 4th day of February)

Designated daily ticket: 100 yuan / person

Time: February 5-20, 2019 (from the first day to the sixteenth day of the first lunar month)

favoured policy

1. Half price ticket: 27 yuan / person (the following conditions shall be met)

① 1.2m-1.4m children

② Student card (except student card of master degree or above and student card of foreign institutions)

2. Free ticket system (the following four conditions can be enjoyed)

① Children under 1.2m

② People over 65 years old hold birthday card or ID card

③ Servicemen in active service hold officer cards

④ Holding disability certificate

Activity introduction

Xi'an city wall New Year Lantern Festival meets every year, and thousands of lanterns bloom together. This is the taste of Xi'an People's own year, and this is also the way of hospitality in Xi'an New Year! From January 28 to March 10, 2019, the 32nd 'Shangyuan never night city in Tang capital' Xi'an city wall New Year Lantern Festival will be lit together with Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern Festival!

Activity details

Shengshi Huazhang District

With auspicious and festive New Year Festival elements as the theme, this area creates a happy scene with full new year flavor through different shapes of lanterns, showing the characteristics of traditional New Year festivals. It is very suitable for taking photos and sending friends~

Happy blessing area

With the theme of Chinese traditional New Year blessing culture, this area sets up a characteristic blessing interactive experience area. There will be rich and colorful blessing activities in the blessing area. Do you want to write down your new year wishes?

The old capital of China

The district uses colorful lanterns to show the brilliance of Chinese culture and the humanistic charm of the ancient capital Xi'an, so that citizens and tourists can understand Xi'an history and Chinese culture while watching the lanterns.

Colorful light area

Through modern photoelectric technology, the district displays fashion elements from all over the world, and perfectly integrates people, lights and scenery through gorgeous colors and innovative methods. Buddies tiktok, don't miss this.

Dream zone

Among the many light areas, there is nothing more popular with children and big friends than here! Through the use of cartoon themes, fairy tales and colorful space, the colorful fairy tale world is displayed. Disney elements will appear this year. If you want to find childlike fun, you have to come here~

Activity time: January 31 to February 19, 2019

Venue: Huaqing Palace

Ticket: 40 yuan / person

Preferential policies: free tickets for children under 1m 2 and the elderly over 65; Officers and disabled persons are free of charge with valid certificates

Activity introduction

The second 2019 Huaqing Palace Tang Palace Lantern Festival consists of six exhibition areas, including Tang culture theme area, changhen song culture area, Liyuan culture area, children's joy area, Xi'an Incident culture area and Taoist culture area. Display the splendor of Tang Palace culture through gorgeous lanterns. During the Lantern Festival, in addition to reproducing multiple groups of palace lanterns in the prosperous Tang Palace, Huaqing Palace scenic area also prepares interactive performances such as Tang Palace Music and dance, emperor and imperial concubine parade, imitation Tang welcome, folk dragon dance, etc. at the same time, it displays special exhibitions such as handmade paper cutting and famous Fu characters, so as to create a lively and festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

2019 Xi'an Huaqing Palace Tang Palace Lantern Festival

Activity details

Six exhibition areas

1. Tang culture theme area

This area takes the prosperous Tang Palace as the theme and welcomes you into the palace through the emperor hat of "dreaming back to the Tang Palace". Many groups of lamps, such as citizen smiling face wall, folk New Year pictures, dragon and Phoenix playing, couple Tiancheng and lixiu Feiquan, create the magnificent momentum of the Tang Palace in the prosperous age and show the prosperity of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

2. Theme area of changhen song

The theme of this area is the dance drama changhen song, which uses the lighting and dance beauty of changhen song, combined with the Lantern Festival buildings, to show the millennium love between Li and Yang through large lamp groups such as imperial concubines' garden tour and imperial concubines' drunkenness. At the same time, taking the poetry of the Tang Dynasty as the background, the region produced large light groups such as qingpingdiao, changhen song, nishang feather clothes and the Silk Road to show the economic prosperity and national strength of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

3. Liyuan cultural area

With the theme of pear garden culture, this area is designed with large lamp groups such as music culture, dance and musical instruments of the Tang Dynasty to show the cultural charm of Chinese opera art.

4. Children's happy area

Among many lamp groups, it is here that children and big friends like most. Through cartoon images and interesting dinosaurs, fairy tales are combined with colorful space to show a colorful fairy tale world.

5. Xi'an Incident cultural area

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. The Xi'an Incident cultural area has profound educational significance. Parents and children can have fun while playing! Through the lighting projection show and light carving of the historical theme of the 'Xi'an Incident', we will cherish the great achievements of the martyrs and carry forward the patriotic feelings of the revolutionary martyrs.

6. Taoist cultural area

In addition to the Taoist cultural lamp group, during the Spring Festival, Sanyuan cave will ring bells and pray at the same time during the day to add a New Year atmosphere. Chinese Taoist culture is displayed through various modeling lamp groups, such as three officials sending blessings, gold ingots, official seals, etc.

Activity time: January 28 to March 10, 2019

Venue: Datang Furong Garden

2019 Xi'an Datang Furong garden Spring Festival Lantern Festival

Event tickets:

Tickets for the light Festival on weekdays: 60 yuan / person

Time: from January 28 to March 10, 2019, after 18:00 (except February 5 to February 21, i.e. from the first day to the sixteenth day of the first month)

Designated day light meeting ticket: 100 yuan / person

Time: from January 28, 2019 to March 10, 2019

Preferential policies: tourists with Chinese Zodiac pig can enter the park free of charge on February 5 (the first day of the first month) with their ID card

Activity introduction

This lantern festival lasts 42 days from January 28 to March 10, 2019, and will span the Spring Festival, Valentine's day and Lantern Festival. While restoring the prosperous scene of the Shangyuan Lantern Festival in the Tang Dynasty and displaying the local characteristic culture in multiple dimensions, this Spring Lantern Festival not only fully excavates the trend elements and advanced technology, but also introduces a large number of cool high-tech lamp groups integrating sound, light, electricity and three-dimensional interaction, subverts the tradition and is worth waiting for, so as to make tourists at home and abroad experience the most wonderful, lively The warmest global Spring Festival Entertainment feast!

Activity details

1. Hundred groups of lamps with Chinese cultural characteristics

The Lantern Festival integrates a variety of scientific and technological means to create 100 groups of lamp groups with Chinese cultural characteristics such as emperors, New Year customs, Shaanxi school, intangible cultural heritage and children's fun. There is also a bright Furong night magic light and shadow show to create a light and shadow feast within reach and reproduce the prosperous and lively scene of the prosperous Tang Dynasty!

2. Introduce a large number of cool high-tech lamp groups to subvert the tradition

While restoring the prosperous scene of the Lantern Festival in the Tang Dynasty and displaying the local characteristic culture in multiple dimensions, we will fully tap the trend elements and advanced technology, and introduce a large number of cool high-tech lamp groups integrating sound, light, electricity and three-dimensional interaction to subvert the tradition!

Activity time: January 28 to March 6, 2019

Venue: Xi'an World Expo Park

Event tickets: Free

Activity introduction

The 2019 Xi'an World Park Spring Festival Folk Art Festival, the World Park Spring Festival Folk Culture Lantern Festival, around the theme of folk custom, fashion and joy, combines the modeling lamp group with lighting decoration, static display and dynamic interaction. It not only has the traditional lantern modeling to create a strong flavor of the year, but also adds modern and Western elements to create distinctive characteristics of the times. The exhibition area of the world garden spring festival folk culture lantern festival includes the main entrance area of debaomen, the centralized viewing area of Chang'an Flower Valley and the atmosphere building area along the way. A visual feast of spring lantern culture has been created by the integration of step by step and scenery.

2019 Xi'an Shiyuan new year Folk Culture Lantern Festival

Activity details

1、 Debaomen main entrance area

1. Theme light group of "twelve zodiac"

The images of the twelve zodiac animals are playful, lovely, lively and flexible. They are dressed in festival clothes and put out different shapes around a huge palace lantern. I wish you a happy new year and a happy New Year! This group of colorful lanterns with the theme of the Chinese zodiac is not only good-looking but also fun. You can choose your favorite Zodiac image and take photos in a specially designed position, especially in the dark night. Such a photo position has its own lighting effect. No matter how you take it, it will be beautiful!

2. Theme lamp group of "dragon flourishing age"

Dotted with auspicious clouds, the giant dragons flying and circling are like dragons going to sea and tigers going down the mountain. They are majestic and magnificent, implying good luck and happiness, national peace and people's peace!

2、 Changan Huagu core area

Chang'an Flower Valley in the Expo Park is flat and open. It is the core area of the world park's new year Folk Culture Lantern Festival. More than 10 groups of small and medium-sized lamp groups are placed here, covering four themes: folk culture, interesting cartoon, silk road and international customs. They are beautiful, interesting and highly ornamental. This group of colored lights is also highly interactive. You can enjoy the lights while playing games. People, lights and scenery blend with each other, which is fun!

1. Show your figure

This group of colored lanterns is decorated with Chinese knots and charming little pigs, which is happy, lively and peaceful. Its design inspiration is from a small game with tiktok. You can try to see which kind of body you belong to.

2. Cardiac cycling

Tourists ride on bicycles. As the speed of pedaling gets faster and faster, the light of love will become stronger and stronger. It's very interesting!

3. Challenge for love

This group of lanterns uses elements such as' concentric lock 'and newlyweds. It has a sweet and romantic atmosphere. You can participate in the challenge of true love game by pressing the button.

In addition, there are also distinctive lamp sets with traditional culture as design elements, such as Qin opera facial makeup, cute pigs to celebrate the new year, flowers in full bloom, the Silk Road, etc., which are novel, unique and beautiful in shape, perfectly show the profound heritage of traditional art and the booming bright future, and make the lamp fair full of a happy and happy atmosphere.

3、 Atmosphere building area along the way

On the road from debaomen to Chang'an Flower Valley, the trees and light poles and flags along the way are decorated with bright lights with channel effect. Follow the stars and lovely flowers to the core area of Chang'an Flower Valley~