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What are the practical tips for peace elite to eat chicken

What are the practical tips for peace elite to eat chicken peace elite is a game that players love and hate. The playing method is very fierce. It is difficult to eat chicken. Sometimes it finally rushes to the finals all the way, but it is still ruthlessly eliminated. What are the tips for peace elite to eat chicken? Let's see the chicken tips.

First plan: hard to get

This plan is suitable for players who want to win the battle by surprise sneak attack. When you meet the enemy on a narrow road, if your shooting skills are ordinary, you can pretend to be defeated, retreat, relax the enemy's vigilance, attract the enemy to continue to pursue, and then give the enemy a fatal blow on the way of the enemy's pursuit. For example, in the urban area, symbolically shoot the enemy twice, retreat, and then guard at the corner of the enemy's pursuit, or block the field of view in the housing area to sneak attack the enemy.

The second plan: beating the east to beat the West

In general, when you are in a stalemate with the enemy, don't be rash. A comparison battle does not necessarily have to be solved with a straight gun. When a four person team encounters a battle, you can distract the enemy's attention by one team member, and other team members can encircle and suppress from other directions. For example, you can use missiles, such as smoke bombs, shock bombs, or empty guns, Let the enemy take care of the front, back, left and right.

The third plan: throwing bricks to attract jade

This routine is the most common and deadly. That is what we often call Fishing law enforcement, but if you want to attract fish, you must have some good things, such as first-aid kit, medical kit, double mirror and so on. The plan is generally used in urban areas and crowded housing areas. Many players will relax their vigilance when picking up items and will not observe around first. However, the quality of the bait also determines the success rate of fishing law enforcement, and their own position should also be selected. Generally, one s686 can be used. After all, everyone is equal in front of the spray!

Fourth plan: make something out of nothing

Many players have this experience. When searching for equipment in the house, they suddenly find that there are disorderly footsteps outside. At this time, they must not act rashly. If their equipment is not strong enough, they can use the "make something out of nothing" strategy to create the illusion that there are many people in the house. They can shoot in different directions or speak in voice and say "brothers, get ready, There is a rookie downstairs. We go down to receive the voice illusion of express. If there are fewer enemies downstairs, it is easy to give up or dare not act rashly.

The strongest plan: walking is the best policy. If you can't fight, run. Don't say anything else. Wait first!